Developing the 7 digital habits: My journey

I’ve recently been challenged by a blog post that one of my colleagues at the Leading Edge Forum (LEF) posted entitled The 7 Digital Habits of Highly Effective People. This is, of course, a play on the well-known Steve Covey book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and based on the LEF’s 21st Century Human research. Having read through the 7 Digital Habits, I wondered about my own practices and whether it was time for a bit of an audit. This is part one of a series of posts about that audit and the ways I sought to broaden out my own digital habits.

Digital is as much about a mindset as it is about technology. Technology may be the enabler to new ways of thinking and working but, unless we step into those new ways ourselves, we aren’t going to gain the advantages that the technology brings.

The first key to any audit is to measure where you are starting from and thankfully the LEF has provided a helpful survey for that.

I scored 93 which is quite high and proclaims:

“You are a 21st Century Human, you have a digital mindset and must be pretty digitally savvy. Well done! But how are others around you? your team? your organization?”

Some might take this as an indication that I don’t have anything to learn, but we all live in a constantly changing reality. Constant change requires continuous learning and my preferred learning style is to experiment in the open. I’m not trying to give you a blueprint for improving your digital habits, I’m very conscious that what works for me may not work for you. There are several reasons for this. One is that our roles are different, another is that the way I like to work may not be how you like to work. What I am seeking to do is to give you some pointers that may help you build your digital mindset. These pointers will probably include some tools, some techniques and perhaps even some things to avoid. What I can’t do is provide you with an app that gives you a digital mindset — you’ll have to build that for yourself. Probably the best way of building that digital mindset is to experiment and hopefully some of these pointers will prove effective for you and your context.

Graham-Chastney-headshotGraham Chastney is a senior principal technologist in DXC. He has worked in the arena of workplace technology for over 25 years, starting as a sysprog supporting IBM DISOSS and DEC All-in-1. Latterly Graham has been working with DXC’s customers to help them understand how they exploit the changing world of workplace technology. Graham lives with his family in the United Kingdom.

Twitter: @grahamchastney


Developing the 7 digital habits: Habit 1 – Seek first to understand

Developing the 7 digital habits: Habit 2 – Be proactive managing your brand

Developing the 7 digital habits: Habit 3 – Sharpen the digital saw

Developing the 7 digital habits: Habit 4 – Don’t get distracted


  1. Graham – looking forward to seeing the details as you proceed with this exercise. Thanks for sharing this journey.


  2. shereenfa says:

    This is very interesting, thanks for sharing. I was interested to take the test, happy with the result. Looking forward to seeing your pointers and tips.


  3. The outcome of the survey I did was 94.



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