DXC Tech Honors: Announcing Fellows and Distinguished

I’m excited to announce and celebrate our DXC Technology Fellows and our Distinguished Architects, Distinguished Engineers and Distinguished Technologists. They represent the best of the best in our technology community. Universally, they demonstrate extremely high levels of personal and community development and use their expertise to drive next-gen technology into their domains.

These designations, which are part of the DXC Tech Honors program, signify our commitment to non-linear, multifaceted career progression and “stepwise” growth. This is in keeping with the broader objective of building a sustainable digital workforce and a more agile business.

Our honorees have shown strong achievement in several key areas (see figure), including:

  1. Leadership – Taking clients to new places they may not have even known they wanted to go
  2. Learning – Being the person about the future, not the past
  3. Developing others – Making sure others have the right skills to advance their careers


Smart organizations need to build flexible digital workforces that support agile business and operating models. Having a step-by-step career journey, with honors that technologists can aspire to, is a great way to foster skills development, coaching and value recognition.

This is critical as we adopt more flexible team structures (e.g., Spotify’s squads and guilds) that support agile operating models and promote collaboration, innovation and productivity. The day of the specialist is giving way to the versatilist, where two new key dimensions — aptitude and agility — become paramount to team achievement.

This is how we thrive on change.

Dan Hushon headshotDan Hushon, DXC Technology’s senior vice president and chief technology officer, drives innovation strategy and growth for the company’s solutions and ensures technology excellence. He is responsible for defining DXC’s long-term technology strategy and vision, and advocating for that vision with customers. @DanHushon



DXC Fellows

DXC Distinguished Architects, Distinguished Engineers and Distinguished Technologists

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