Key to feedback: Recognising your achievements


I’m hoping a lot of you have been able to take your feedback and compliments a little to heart. And I’m hoping more of you have taken the plunge and asked your colleagues — remote and office — for feedback. But in case you’re still struggling with it all, perhaps your issue is my former issue: Not being able to recognise what you actually do!

It’s one thing being able to write a script on what your role says you do, but what do you actually do? Again – a helpful tip for your appraisals is to ask yourself: How awesome are you? What do you bring to the company?

Women, especially, like to merely describe what we do, and often very modestly, but if you delve deeper and really think about it, you probably contribute a lot more than you realise.

First, the hard bit – think of five things you’ve achieved. It sounds really simple, but if you’re anything like me, you sat there for a good couple of hours trying to work this out. But it’s an important step, so please do it.

Second – really reflect on these achievements. What do they mean? If you can relate them back to revenue or process improvement that’ll impact the revenue, even better.

Third – if you quit tomorrow, what would happen? What disasters would strike? If you don’t know, go on a two-week holiday. Your email will probably alert you to what disasters stuck while you were away.

Okay, now write it all down. Does it look like a huge paragraph? Mine did too. It’s time to shrink it back down into bullet points and make it concise.

Now you should have a small bullet point-riddled paragraph of why you’re amazing. Read it, reflect on it. Doesn’t it look so much different from your usual textbook role description? Don’t you look important now? And you are, don’t forget.

A business is only as good as its parts, and most of the business’ parts are us — people.

Recognising your achievements is important because appraisals give you self-confidence, self-worth and a chance to make yourself proud.

Honestly, how many of us are so guilty of just spurting out a droning job description? Recognise yourself. Be proud of your achievements.


  1. Mark Moncur says:

    Excellent insight, and a great method to develop yourself: If I only had this information 36 years ago, or at least, had the thought process that you have just explained my career would be very different today. So many of my generation have been brainwashed into thinking that we are “doers” not “achievers!” Personal performance reviews have always been difficult. This makes perfect sense to me now, and I’ve learned, it is never too late for old dogs to learn new tricks. Thank you.

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