DXC Czech Republic tackles plastic pollution and raises money for charity

Plastic waste is flooding our planet one disposable plastic bag at a time and every single piece of plastic produced is still around. Eight million metric tons of plastic end up in the oceans annually.

The facts on plastic pollution are terrifying, but as there is no magic wand to help us solve the problem, reducing the problem largely depends on changing people’s personal habits. DXC Czech Republic decided to actively join the DXC Earth Day “End plastic pollution” campaign and act locally to raise awareness on the dangers of plastic waste. We committed to change personal habits and motivate over 900 DXC employees in Prague to use less plastic in their work and private life.

Our DXC Global Marketing and Communications Shared Services team led the Earth Day initiative, invited volunteers and organized brainstorming sessions to get ideas for local activities in Prague. We landed on three activities: an Earth Day Charity Bazaar, eliminating paper cups and getting more recycling bins.

The idea for our charity bazaar was to collect and resell used items in keeping with the principle to reuse, repurpose and reduce waste. We partnered with two organizations, Sue Ryder, which provides care for the elderly, and Klokanek / Fund for Endangered Children, which cares for children in danger of being abused or neglected. We asked our DXC colleagues to donate used clothes, books and household items they aren’t using anymore. The donated items would be sold at the bazaar and the collected funds would go to Sue Ryder to support its work with the elderly. Klokanek, on the other hand, has a beautiful collection of bio-cotton bags, “Klokart,” designed by popular Czech personalities, which seemed perfect to sell at the bazaar as an alternative to disposable plastic bags.

The other two activities focused on recycling and reducing plastic waste at our office.  We were using over 2,500 paper cups annually in the Prague office. As paper cups are covered with plastic and are hard to recycle, we removed all disposable cups from the office coffee machines. Our employees now use just ceramic mugs. Furthermore, there was a need for more recycling bins. We only had a few bins at the kitchens, so we negotiated with our facility partner CBRE for more recycling bins all around the office. DXC CZ is now producing less plastic waste and recycling more!

The cherry on top of our eco-activities was the success of the charity bazaar. DXC colleagues donated thousands of clothes, books, DVDs and other items. Many colleagues visited the bazaar, bought items as well as cotton bags they will now use instead of disposable plastic bags, donated money to the two charities and learned more about the organizations’ work. People also learned about the dangers of plastic waste through informational videos and an educational table displaying how long it takes for different types of plastics to decompose.

The results from the bazaar amazed us! DXC CZ collected and donated $1,400 to both charities and gave a myriad of unsold items to Sue Ryder, which will sell them at six charity shops in Prague.

Both Sue Ryder and Klokanek were very happy with their cooperation with DXC.

“This was our first Sue Ryder mobility shop organized in a company and it turned out to be very useful,” said the Sue Ryder team. “We’re very satisfied with the results. The money will be used to support our homes caring for elderly people. Thank you very much DXC and we hope to cooperate again soon!”

“We’re very happy with our cooperation and loved getting to know DXC. The donations will be used to help Klokanek care for children in need,” Klokanek representatives said after the event.

DXC CZ Earth Day was a passionate event and a true motivation to make better personal choices for reducing our plastic footprint and showing greater care for the environment.

Mirkica Popovikj headshotMirkica Popovikj is a copywriter and editor at DXC. A former journalist and foreign correspondent, she is located in Prague at DXC Czech Republic and cooperates with all regional and global Marketing & Communications teams, helping create and edit media content.

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