DXC in Guadalajara discovers how bottle caps can make a difference


Since May 2017, DXC employees in Guadalajara (pictured above is Catherine Coria) have been collecting bottle caps. Containers have been placed all around the office and, to date, we’ve collected more than 175 kilograms of bottle cap plastic.

What do we do with the bottle caps collected? They are given to Complice AC, a nonprofit organization that provides economic and psychological support to cancer patients and their families through the various stages of diagnosis and treatment. The organization’s goal is to prevent patients from abandoning treatment due to financial reasons.

Complice AC sells the collected bottle caps to a company that specializes in plastic reprocessing.  The organization can also accept other recycling items, such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles. We have chosen to focus on the collection of bottle caps, due to their size and how easily they can be handled, stored and transported. However, there’s also an interesting economic reason.

Through the recycling process, polyurethane can be obtained from plastic bottles, but polypropylene can be obtained from bottles caps. In market economic terms, polypropylene is better valued because of its hardness as well as its potential to be mixed with other kinds of plastics and materials.


Thanks to this charity, we have found a way to make positive changes. We help preserve the environment and at the same time support those stricken with cancer.

And it’s easy. We simply open a soda bottle and place its bottle cap inside the container, knowing that each one signifies some money to support people who are suffering emotional and physical pain.

Viviana-Saucedo-headshotViviana Saucedo is an SAP FI consultant working in the ITIO AOS organization at DXC. She leads the company’s Social Impact Committee in Guadalajara, Mexico. Thanks to employee support along with 10 volunteers, the committee has helped many nonprofit organizations and has twice won DXC’s Charity Challenge.

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