Don’t underestimate the value of walk-in IT support


Enterprises have long empowered workers to tackle minor IT service issues using self-help tools so the service desk can focus on larger problems, an approach known as “shifting left.” But while some matters are easily addressed this way, others will need direct involvement of the service desk, so it is better to think of support as a spectrum of options that range from self-help to person-to-person and even face-to-face.

In fact, the latter often gets overlooked.  An on-site walk-in support center gives workers the ability to bring their questions or faulty equipment to local technicians without scheduling or waiting for an appointment. Issues that may have once taken days to resolve can now be solved quickly and at the employee’s convenience, allowing the worker to get back on track with minimal interference.

This isn’t a replacement for the traditional service desk, but instead, an alternative that also caters to employee preferences.

If you’re one of the lucky few who have never experienced a seemingly catastrophic failure, you can at least relate to the frustration and apprehension that comes with such an outage. A walk-in service center may be more desirable to employees suffering through such a loss because it gives them an immediate resource to consult and the human element that many people desire.

Walk-in support centers aim to better the employee experience by empowering them with the option to have instant, personable support.  They are typically comfortable places for employees to meet with technicians face-to-face and typically speed up resolution times and boost the employee perception that IT cares about their problems and is on their side.

It’s been years since we started offering walk-in support, but it’s still going strong, with over 200 locations and even more clients choosing to embrace the approach as part of their support ecosystem. Clients have been quite vocal about what the walk-in support center has done for their company, saying how thankful they are for a support solution that offers employees quick and friendly IT support.

Once relegated to much larger enterprises, these walk-in support options are spreading to fit the needs of smaller businesses in the forms of on-site kiosks equipped with video support. Just picture this: something once considered a catastrophic outage like a machine not booting can now be treated as a minor hiccup.

The empowered employee shouldn’t have to worry about these things. They should be able to get their problems fixed any way they want. With a walk-in support center, your organization can take another step towards seamless, invisible IT, transferring the power of resolution into the hands of the employee so they can get the job done the way they want to.

Jim Brenner headshot-loresJim Brenner is the Offering Manager working in the Workplace and Mobility Offering organization, responsible for Site Support and User Experience.  Prior to this, Jim worked in multiple roles including account delivery, Implementation, Sale Support, Solution design, and Portfolio Management.

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