Insta-structure: How to deliver instant infrastructure, applications and processes


Businesses move to the cloud to save money, add flexibility and run more efficient DevOps shops. And the companies that think more strategically about the cloud understand that they need to exit the pure infrastructure business and deliver an instantaneous end-to-end environment — consisting of infrastructure, applications, and processes — that delivers services with great agility and speed.

This new “insta-structure” delivers services when, where and how companies need them — with the flexibility that the market demands.  Think about it in the form of the right service at the right time in the right format to the right person able to take the right action. The market moves too fast today to go back to the old, cumbersome way of taking months to roll out new infrastructure, applications and services. Speed (or agility) is one of the four elements of an “always-on” insta-structure that delivers apps when you need them:

Agility.  Take the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Products evolve and change each season, and as more of them offer digital features, speed-to-market for products, services and features has become more important than ever.  Deployment of innovative ideas in the form of services requires not just digital agility, but agility across the complete supporting infrastructure, applications and processes in support of those services.

Personalization.  Many of cosmetics companies offer features such as virtual makeup, diagnostics, online beauty consultations, live broadcasting and personalization. Companies develop these sophisticated services to entice and maintain customer relationships. They track purchases and surfing history to tailor very personalized campaigns across all channels (web, mobile and in-store) to maximize and maintain individual consumer relationships and expand wallet share and loyalty.  With the relationship personalization comes the “need for speed” to make it a durable experience.

Invisibility. This type of interaction can only occur if we have access to services that can be stood up, customized, expanded, augmented and brought down at a moment’s notice, all across any of the channels that a customer wants to use.  We need the infrastructure, applications and services realm to flex in the same manner: the insta-structure as the foundation for digital. Through the invisibility of IT and services, as well as digital enablement, these services require no work for the consumer and are easier to use.

Security.  Going digital is more than the conversion of analog data into digital form.  It is about the structuring of the domains of our social life around digital communication and media.  This requires a risk-based approach to securing the fundamentals, with the flexibility for multiple deployment options that suit  company and industry requirements.

All of these components lead to value creation: In today’s world, services are “technology driven” and “data backed.”  Through this focus on data, companies have shifted from “making people want things” to “make things that people want,” thereby accelerating the shift to a people-centric approach.  This shift requires agility, personalization and invisibility of the IT, with minimal risk. It is only through these facets that value is created, which drives what consumers are willing to pay for the overall service experience.

The insta-structure is the foundation for this transformational play of service composition. A broker uses a common data model and front end to integrate multiple services and present them to the consumer as a single solution.

It is through this insta-structure that companies will thrive in this new digital world!

Rene-Aerdts-headshotRené Aerdts is DXC’s chief technologist for a global consumer goods corporation client, for which he leads the technology strategy and provides the technical vision to advance the objectives of the business. Integral to that process, René drives innovation and inspires selective disruption to enable the client to thrive through accelerating change in the industry.

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