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It’s no secret that a good way to stay employed in the technology industry is to have relevant skills. And a way to stay lucratively employed is to have relevant skills that are in high demand. That means identifying emerging technologies that will generate an ecosystem of jobs, and then learning the skills necessary to be part of that ecosystem when demand exceeds supply.

One technology that already is spawning a jobs boom — despite being in the early adoption phase — is blockchain, a technology initially developed to support the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a permanent, shared digital ledger of transactions that can be added to but not altered.

Many industries such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing are interested in blockchain as a way to securely increase transaction speed while reducing transaction costs. Blockchain start-ups are attracting investment dollars and looking for talent, as are large vendors such as Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. But they all are struggling to fill positions, and this employment gap is hampering blockchain development.

“From a technological perspective,” writes Forbes contributor Loi Luu, “we are still quite far behind. Firstly, there exists a dearth of talent. Blockchain developers are few and far between; the growth of many crypto-projects has been limited by the difficulty of finding qualified technologists.”

Hence the opportunity for anyone who knows their way around the blockchain! But what specific path to follow? According to TechRepublic, here are the “six best blockchain jobs of the future”:

  • Project manager
  • Developer
  • Quality engineer
  • Legal consultant/attorney
  • Designer
  • Engineer

Some technology pros may already have the skills to leverage their way into blockchain employment. For those who need more training, blockchain instruction and certification courses are but a Google search away.

Job site Ladders offers another option in its list of the “seven best blockchain careers and jobs for the future” (always one-upping, eh Ladders?).

“For programmers and developers who want to get their foot in the door in a blockchain technical career, getting a blockchain internship with a startup or established company can easily be the ticket,” Ladders writes. “Many companies offer entry level and internship level positions in the $15 to $30 per hour range, especially on the West Coast.”

That being said, you just can’t walk in off the street without programming skills and get on the blockchain gravy train. Successful blockchain interns should be familiar with languages such as NodeJS, Go RESTful, APIs, React, Java, C++, Solidity, Truffle, CSS and HTML, according to Ladders.

The market for blockchain technology is expected to more than quadruple to $2.31 billion in 2021 from $548.2 million this year. With this growth will come thousands and thousands of well-paying jobs.


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