DXC leaders talk business decision-making, emerging technology and their IndyCar relationship at the DXC Technology 600


DXC chief technology officer Dan Hushon and chief marketing and communications officer Gary Stockman addressed the media prior to the June 9 running of the DXC Technology 600, answering questions on wide variety of topics including DXC’s decision to sponsor the race, its partnership with Team Penske, and the drone technology the company demonstrated by delivering the green flag to IndyCar officials to start the race.

Stockman related the many ways Team Penske gathers, analyzes, and uses data for better, quicker, and more effective decision-making as it relates to their cars, pointing out the similarities between this approach and that of DXC, which itself leverages technology to improve performance internally and for clients.

IndyCar is a very natural relationship for DXC, Stockman added, as it allows the company to showcase technology that enhances performance, business-decision making, and remote support. He specifically referenced augmented reality technology and its potential to enhance the fan viewing experience though in-stadium retail offers and helping patrons with wayfinding.

Hushon pointed out that DXC builds and runs infrastructure for many of the world’s largest businesses. In addition, DXC helps clients improve the relationship between an enterprise’s technology and its employees. Many emerging technologies, including some of those that DXC demoed at the race, are changing the way people work. DXC is excited to help companies through the initial teething pains of integrating that technology into their core operations, Hushon said.

Hushon was also asked about the drone technology that was to be demonstrated at the start of the race. His answer in the below video covers the FAA certifications needed to fly the drone in Texas Motor Speedway’s airspace and the drone’s potential use-cases in the real world.


Linda Laer headshotLinda Laer is a Content Marketing and Communications manager for DXC, focused on bringing new perspectives and thought leadership to DXC offering and industry families. Linda has previously served in multiple roles including product management, event marketing, and account management.

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