My experience as a DXC Labs intern


As a student who had just finished his freshman year of college, my objective for the summer was simple: go out and explore interesting new fields.  Keeping this in mind, I interned at DXC Technology as a member of the DXC Labs team in Bangalore, India, learning and demonstrating quantum computing algorithms.

When my internship started in June, I was expecting it to be like the stiff, formal workplaces you usually see in sitcoms. To my surprise, DXC has a very friendly environment. People took real interest in what I was doing, and I developed a symbiotic relationship with both my peers and superiors. I learned not only about quantum information theory but also about blockchains and unsupervised learning.

This internship allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone. I had to manage my own schedule, something which I’d never done before, and do so while living in a new city. I enjoyed my time interacting with different employees on different topics and learning from experienced coworkers over a coffee break or lunch. Every day at work was intellectually stimulating in one way or another.

I found the way the lab functions and drives productivity very interesting. Each week, during meetings, teams share updates with one another and somehow, after every meeting, I had the urge to work and make more strides in my project.

For my final report, I decided to present my viewpoint of quantum computing, and a demonstration of Grover’s Algorithm. Initially, I was nervous, but as time went by, I grew more confident due to the support meted out by my colleagues, and in the end, I felt that I did quite well.

Overall, in the past few weeks, I’ve learned many lessons, and not only limited to academics. I now have a diverse group of friends (both workers and fellow interns) from my time in Bangalore. It was a golden opportunity to learn about the corporate world, about emerging technology and about myself. It has made me more confident and adaptable to new environments. I am thankful for the opportunity that DXC has given me to spread my wings.

Vimarsh Sathia is a summer intern working on quantum computing at DXC Labs in DXC Technology’s Bangalore location. Vimarsh is an upcoming freshman at IIT Madras, majoring in computer science and engineering. @vimarsh_sathia

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