Young professional Q&A: Be confident and direct from day one at your new job

The Intern to In Charge – Young Professionals Blog Series spotlights thriving young professionals at DXC Technology and their personal advice for new hires who are transitioning from campus to corporate life.

Interview by Racquel Royer, Digital Marketing Intern

Before joining DXC, Alexandra Lucas was a member of Pi Sigma Epsilon Sales, Marketing and Management Fraternity and studied Marketing Management at Virginia Tech. Now a Professional Marketing and Brand Management Associate at DXC, she believes that getting to know your coworkers and following the motto “dress well test well” is crucial for success at a new company. In this Q&A, Lucas shares her motto and tips for other new hires and people who may be transitioning to the professional workforce.

What are your best tips for thriving in your first corporate work environment?

Dress confidently and speak direct. I follow the motto “dress well test well,” so you can be your most confident and productive self. Also, during orientation here at DXC, they stressed to be upfront and direct from day one. When you have a question, be straight forward and try your hardest not to add fluff. Learn as much as you can about your field and take advantage of the resources at your company. I’m continuously broadening my knowledge of digital marketing and branding by attending classes and conferences, and by learning from my peers as well as those outside of my team. It’s important to learn about other’s roles and how each relates to company.

How do you network at your job?

I make a genuine effort to get to know everyone on my team and in my office. I don’t sit with my team in the office and I work in a very open environment which allows me to get to know more people outside of my group. I also signed up for DXC’s summer buddy program. You get connected with someone in your division (for me that’s marketing and communications) and you get to know each other. My buddy works in California.

How do you stay organized and optimize your time in a flexible work environment?

I stay organized by keeping a running list of current projects at the start of each week. I’m a list maker and I take my notebook everywhere. At the start of each week I write down all of my projects to make sure that each is getting the appropriate amount of attention. I’ve been using a plain notebook but I also use my Office 365 calendar – that is an every morning thing for me, prioritizing my projects.

What are some things that new hires should absolutely avoid?

Avoid being scared to speak up! Coming in as one of the youngest members, you will have lots of questions and people are there to help. Don’t worry about sounding dumb. There is no such thing as a dumb question!

Alexandra-Lucas-headshotAlexandra Lucas is a Professional Marketing and Brand Management Associate at DXC.

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