Summer intern Q&A: Don’t be afraid to speak up

The Intern to In Charge Blog Series spotlights summer interns and thriving young professionals at DXC Technology and their personal advice for those who are transitioning from campus to corporate life.

 Interview by Bruce Perry, Digital Marketing Intern

Melissa Meyers is a rising senior at James Madison University, where she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Computer Information Systems with a concentration in European Business and Social Media.. As an intern within DXC’s Content Hub, a part of the global marketing and communications group, Melissa has spent her summer learning the ins and outs of content marketing. She is passionate about her two majors as she strives for a career that utilizes both skills and interest.

What do you want to accomplish here at DXC?
In my experience I have only ever marketed a product and a service. I am excited to take on my final summer project which is to create a content marketing campaign for one of our most viewed articles. It is something I haven’t done before so I am excited to see the results.

What was your most valuable internship experience and what did it teach you?

I interned for a small marketing and consulting firm last summer and learned the value of communication. I got to work directly with clients to help elevate their business and brand. In doing so, I learned the art of professional conversations. It has helped me tremendously ever since — in job interviews and other professional meeting situations. Business school does not necessarily teach you how to talk, just what to say. So, it was a very invaluable summer.

What are your best tips for thriving in your first corporate work environment?

Do not be afraid to ask questions. As much as we want to feel self-sufficient, time is money. Spending too much time trying to figure something out on your own, only for it to be wrong – that’s not going to be very helpful to the team. If you do want to learn about a new topic or how to use a program, explore when you have down time in the office, not when pressed with a due date.

What excites you the most about interning here at DXC?

The unlimited potential. DXC is a new company with so much to offer and as an intern we are encouraged to explore opportunities. I am able to work with people from other departments on projects as an extension of my position within the Content Hub. It allows me to learn so much more, meet more people within the company, and try new things.

How are you transforming your professional brand as you gain more experience?

I am learning which things I enjoy doing and which I do not. Through those discoveries, I am starting to realize what I want to do after graduation and what I would like to peruse.

How do you network at your job?

I am very much a people person. I love starting conversations with people I see around the office. I have been able to create valuable professional relationships with many people — in and out of the office — just by starting a random conversations in the hallway. So, don’t be afraid to talk!

How do you stay organized and optimize your time in a flexible work environment?

I have the sticky note app on my desktop. One note has a to-do list and one has scheduled meetings for the week. That way I can easily see in one view what I need to accomplish so I can plan accordingly.

What are some things that interns should absolutely avoid?

Try not to say no! The whole point of an internship is to learn. Even if you are asked to do something outside your comfort zone, take the opportunity. You will be viewed favorably by the person doing the asking, and you’ll add another skill to your repertoire. It is a win, win situation.

Melissa-Meyers-headshotMelissa Myers is an intern with the DXC Content Hub.

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