Young professional Q&A: Be confident, but humble


The Intern to In Charge – Young Professionals Blog Series spotlights thriving young professionals at DXC Technology and their personal advice for new hires who are transitioning from campus to corporate life.

Interview by Racquel Royer, Digital Marketing Intern

Jov Harris is currently a Global Brand Manager at DXC. He previously served as a Social Media Specialist for both CSC and Nike. Jov is a DC native with an educational background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

What was your most valuable new hire experience and what did it teach you?

I went to a DXC Technology conference before I started working here and it was very helpful. I met top engineers, architects and executives, and got a better understanding of the company which is crucial for someone in branding and marketing. Before attending the conference, I didn’t understand as much as I do now about IT. I also didn’t realize the scope of the business aspects that go into marketing cybersecurity and cloud computing.

What are your best tips for thriving in your first corporate work environment?

Be confident but humble. Realize that all the people around you are your neighbors and get to know them, their personalities and what does and doesn’t work for them. Find common denominators like food, sports, holidays and other simple topics that relate to your interests. There are a lot of photography people and music people here at DXC, so that led to a lot of instant personal connections for me. It all comes with just being observant.

How do you network at your job?

Talk to the most popular person that you know at your job, and ask them how they network. We have a lot of potlucks and happy hours. Walk around and explore the building.

How do you stay focused in a flexible work environment?

Don’t surf the web too much. If you are the type to get easily distracted, complete all your important tasks first and let yourself be “distracted” as a reward when your work is finished. If I really want to make sure that I get something specific done, I’ll send myself a meeting for it so I can block the time out on my schedule. All my planning is digital.

What are some things that new hires should always avoid?

Avoid keeping a problem to yourself, especially on team projects. Don’t be sacred to address problems!

Jov-Harris-headshotJov Harris is a Global Brand Manager at DXC.

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