Staying current on cybersecurity threats: A strategy for identifying the most effective resources


Trying to stay up to date on emerging cybersecurity threats is a real chore.  There are literally hundreds of sources security professionals can tap into but not a lot of information on how to sort through them and identify the resources that will complement your schedule and work environment.

To stay current about the harmful elements out there, security professionals and organizations need to be able to zero in on the sources that can best help their readiness. Here are a few suggestions about how to select sources to keep you in the know:

First, identify the type of news you want.

The type of news most beneficial to you depends on various factors. Are you a cybersecurity manager, executive, analyst, etc.? Do you utilize the news just to be aware, gain in-depth knowledge on how to handle the threat, or to simply pass it on to others that need it in your organization? It would also depend on other factors like when, where and how you are able to read the news.

Does the source provide headlines or full in-depth analysis of new threats?

Some cyber security news sources aggregate feeds from various portals which they deliver through quick headlines to the reader. These portals are best for busy professionals who need a wide but quick overview of the current threat landscape. In-depth analysis however, benefits those experts such as consultants or front-liners who use the content to prevent or mitigate the published threats on their various environments. A good website that provides in-depth updates and analysis of threats is US-CERT. A source like, on the other hand, will provide the typical executive with a wide array of headlines to digest quickly.

What frequency is the news updated?

When selecting news sources check the frequency with which the information is updated. Cybersecurity front-liners are best served by portals that have up-to-the-minute updates on existing and emerging threats, while professionals who need the same news merely for informational reasons can use portals which provide less frequent updates. Infosecurity Magazine would give you such news as it only publishes once per month, while the SANS Internet Storm Center provides daily updates.

Is the source accessible by mobile devices?

Many cybersecurity news sources provide extensive coverage of updated threats. However, if you need to consume information on the go be sure you select news portals that are optimized for consumption on mobile devices. Cyware News is threat-focused and has a very useful mobile app that delivers constant updates. A curated Twitter account subscribed to the top industry experts is also an excellent source for mobile users to readily access information on cybersecurity threats.

Classification of cybersecurity threats

Emerging security threats can be relatively benign or disastrous to your organization. The best way to determine this is through standardized threat classification systems. Security news portals that grade threats through standardized categories are far more effective for front-line professionals who have to execute intervention strategies or communicate threats to key stakeholders. A common taxonomy of cybersecurity threats includes Advanced Persistent Threats, phishing, ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), etc. Portals such as US CERT and offer up security threats that are well categorized following these standards. This is important to take into account while identifying cybersecurity news sources.

Endorsement by the security industry

Industry credibility is a universal criterium all cybersecurity professionals should apply when selecting news sources. Sources with wide endorsement have gained the respect and trust of security professionals due to the experience, quality of news, and the credentials of the industry professionals who create the information at those sites.  The aforementioned SANS Internet Storm Center and as well as and are highly respected and among the top names in security threat news.

Keeping yourself or your organization prepared by staying up to date on security threats is simply common sense.  By applying these guidelines you can zero in on the best news sources for your unique situation.

Helpful Tools & Apps for Cybersecurity Threat News


Feedly is a highly rated mobile and web app that lets you subscribe to a variety of the sources that were mentioned in the article. Available at the Apple store, Google Play, and


Twitter subscriptions to high caliber cybersecurity experts like Bruce Schneier (@schneierblog), Brian Krebs (@briankrebs), and Jeremiah Grossman (@jeremiahg) contain direct updates from these industry giants with decades of experience.

Cyber Security News

Mobile app with daily updated information on cyber threats. Available on Google Play and the Apple store.

Chuka R. Okonkwo, B.Sc, CCNA, Security+, is a cybersecurity analyst (strategic accounts) at DXC.


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