Machine learning is being used right now in these industries


Machine learning no longer is a “future” technology. Organizations in industries from mining to manufacturing to medicine are using machine learning today to better serve customers, fuel research and product breakthroughs, and transform operations.

Here are just a few examples:


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are helping mining companies find minerals more efficiently and at lower cost.

“These efforts to be more precise when finding areas to mine by using machine learning can help the mining industry be more profitable,” writes Bernard Marr in Forbes.


Two researchers recently developed a way for machine learning to automate the process of diagnosing the DNA of tumors.

Dual breakthrough

Talk about cross-industry value!…

“Machine learning algorithms that can predict yeast metabolism from its protein content have been developed by scientists at the Francis Crick Institute. The findings could provide a basis for brewers to have greater control over the flavour of their beer, and scientists to personalise treatments for metabolic disorder patients, in the future.”

Logistics, supply chain, and transportation

AI and machine learning are helping manufacturers and transportation companies to optimize carrier selection in real time, better anticipate when customers will place orders, and better coordinate resources such as drivers and vehicles.

Oil and gas

An oil and gas company in India used predictive analytics and machine learning to predict impending failures in its progressive cavity pump rods, helping to avert downtime and repair costs.


Researchers studying space must cope with vast amounts of data. Machine learning helps them process and analyze this raw data. By learning to recognize and categorize various shapes found in space (spiral galaxies, for example), machines free up astronomers to focus more on science rather than data analysis.

That’s a pretty diverse set of use cases across some disparate industries. How is machine learning being used in your company and industry? Let us know in the comments section below.

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