To accelerate digital transformation, master information flows

Digital businesses are emerging at a rapid pace as companies re-architect themselves. As true 21st century enterprises, they are developing substantially different products and services, operating models and organizing strategies. Most now recognize the need for a new digital service platform to enable broad-based transformation using information and core services to rapidly scale their digital efforts.

These efforts are not only reshaping products and services but also driving entry into digital ecosystems and reshaping productivity. Leaders have become masters of information flow, new styles of working, open and inner sourcing, and the new business platforms that underwrite the integration of information services.

Look at healthcare. Twenty-first century healthcare combines personal, social, population and research data to create actionable information and more precise outcomes. For example, precision medicine integrates data from new sources (such as WiFi-connected heart monitors, fitness watches, location data or the human genome) with traditional sources (such as blood chemistry or dietary information). Working with these multiple data inputs and their correlations will result in more precise diagnoses and treatment plans tailored to the individual patient. To this end, healthcare and life sciences organizations are building and participating in information ecosystems like never before.

The opportunity

Mastering information flows and analytic model markets creates tremendous opportunities for companies to deliver better service to their customers, develop deeper levels of engagement and rethink business models, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, new revenue streams and cost reductions. Internally, companies also have the opportunity to empower employees with self-service and more efficient collaboration tools, making them more productive and more fulfilled.

In order to make this happen — that is, to accelerate digital transformation — enterprises need to master these information flows and analytic model markets. The most successful firms in the world know that to enable this mastery you need a modern digital platform supported by agile business processes and a collaborative, experimenting culture.

To guide your path forward, our DXC Digital Directions paper series explores the fundamentals of a digital platform. These are the essentials that contribute to both top-line growth and cost-based improvements, as well as continuous optimization of business processes:

  • Transform to a modern enterprise with hybrid IT
  • Rethink risk and enterprise security in a digital world
  • Embed advanced analytics into every aspect of your digital business
  • Delight customers with better digital application experiences
  • Redefine your digital workplace as an innovation center
  • Design for operations to deliver on digital transformation

Four additional papers examine how specific industries are capitalizing on digital opportunities:

Companies must understand and harness data flows to gain business insight, deliver better customer service, deepen customer engagement, create new business models and empower employees. These companies will ride this new wave of productivity and innovation, and accelerate their digital transformation.

See the overview position paper, Accelerate your transformation to a digital business.

See the entire position paper series, DXC Digital Directions.


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