AI use cases, job opportunities set to explode this year


Artificial intelligence (AI) already is changing industries across the world, from manufacturing to healthcare to technology to retail. But the changes really are just beginning; AI’s infiltration of every aspect of our economy, culture, and personal lives will only intensify and accelerate.

Forbes contributor Bernard Marr predicts five significant developments/trends on the AI front this year. They’re all worth discussing, but the one I want to focus on will have the biggest immediate impact on enterprise workers.

“AI will branch out into support functions such as HR or optimizing supply chains, where decisions around logistics, as well as hiring and firing, will become increasingly informed by automation,” Marr writes. “AI solutions for managing compliance and legal issues are also likely to be increasingly adopted. We’re also likely to see an increase in businesses using their data to generate new revenue streams.”

It’s this expected explosion of AI use cases in the enterprise that’s leading to thousands of job openings for AI program directors, AI project managers, AI developers, man-machine coordinators, and more. (You can see for yourself on Glassdoor and Indeed, among other job sites.) As Marr writes, “In 2019 we’ll see growing confidence that this smart, predictive technology, bolstered by learnings it has picked up in its initial deployments, can be rolled out wholesale across all of a business’s operations.”

In other words, it’s AI go time. So if you have skills or knowledge in any AI-related area, this could be a very good year. And even if you lack AI experience, many enterprises are willing to train the right in-house talent. One good step would be to express an interest in learning about AI to decision-makers in your enterprise.

Another is to take some initiative and begin learning about AI on your own. There are numerous online courses covering many AI-related topics, including free online courses from Google AI. The sooner you acquire some skills (and credentials such as certifications), the sooner you can ride the AI wave.

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