Bridging the gap between AWS Lambda and other clouds: TriggerMesh

bridge gap

If you want to do serverless computing today chances are you’re using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda. Which is fine if you’re wedded to AWS, but if you’d rather use another cloud or run a hybrid cloud, AWS-specific Lambda may not be ideal. Enter TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Sources (KLASS), which offers a way to bridge the environments.

But in case you’re new to the serverless concept, let’s start with some basics:  Serverless computing is not, as you might think, trying to do work without servers. Instead, according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Serverless Working Group (WG):

“Serverless computing refers to the concept of building and running applications that do not require server management. It describes a finer-grained deployment model where applications, bundled as one or more functions, are uploaded to a platform and then executed, scaled, and billed in response to the exact demand needed at the moment.”

AWS Lambda is the best-known serverless platform. KLASS, a new open-source project from TriggerMesh, a company offering a multi-cloud serverless management platform, bridges events from AWS Lambda event services, such as CodeCommit, Cognito, DynamoDB, Kinesis SNS, and SQS, to functions running on Kubernetes clusters.

Specifically, this enables you to run Lambda functions on Knative-enabled Kubernetes clusters. Knative is a set of Google’s open-source Kubernetes middleware components. Knative offers integrated, automated container build, fast serving, autoscaling and eventing capabilities on top of Kubernetes. It’s used to orchestrate source-to-container workflows, auto-scale workloads, route and manage network traffic, and bind running services to event ecosystems.

In short, KLASS is another Kubernetes-based hybrid cloud approach. “As cloud-native applications grow we believe that communication across disparate cloud computing infrastructure will become an imperative”, said TriggerMesh co-founder Mark Hinkle. “With KLASS serverless, users can break cloud silos via cross-cloud event sources between their AWS and Knative environments.”

By using KLASS, Knative/Kubernetes cloud-native developers can leverage AWS event services to trigger functions. With this, programmer can create sophisticated cross-cloud applications using simple serverless functions in multiple clouds.  With this, you not only get more cloud application flexibility, but you can choose the best infrastructure for your job

This project is TriggerMesh’s second open-source project launched for cross-cloud AWS interoperability. TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtimes launched in January makes it possible to port runtime’s from AWS Lambda to Knative.

TriggerMesh will launch its own TriggerMesh cloud service later this year.  This will allow users to host serverless functions and consume events from multiple cloud sources via the TriggerMesh Early Adopters program. Of course, you can run KLASS on any cloud platform that supports Knative.

I really like this idea. I think it has great potential for anyone who wants to make the most from AWS Lambda and from hybrid-cloud. I’m looking forward to seeing how both programs work out for cloud developers.

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