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In a workplace where automation and artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly are taking over tasks traditionally performed by humans, it is imperative that employees build “competencies in areas that machines will be unlikely to tackle effectively,” as the World Economic Forum advises.

Those include:

  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The ability to collaborate
  • People management
  • Communications skills

Notice that the last four specifically address human interaction, a process and dynamic that will continue to influence careers, organizations, and industries. The problem is that technology arguably has had a negative impact on the overall communications skills of the workforce. People commonly work remotely or under headphones in the office, rarely engaging in face-to-face conversation (or even phone calls), often not even making eye contact with colleagues during the work day.

Still, effective communication in the workplace of the future will require much more than walking across the office to have a conversation with a colleague. It’s admirable, to be sure, but because so many employees, contractors, partners, and customers aren’t accessible for a water-cooler chat, communicating effectively will require innate human and learned tech skills.

“In addition to voice, text, and video, advances in virtual reality (VR) will change the way people meet and interact, and being an effective communicator is going to include mastering various media,” writes Fast Company contributor Gwen Moran. “Adapting to and being adept at using multiple platforms is going to be essential.”

Did I mention that adaptability is important?

Interpersonal communication skills always will be important in the work world, make no mistake. However, in an age when video is the most-consumed form of content online and the audience for audio content such as podcasts is growing wildly (especially among Millennials), it’s absolutely critical that you are able to communicate through multimedia formats.

While it may be that many workers eventually will have to figure out how to best get across their ideas through VR, that’s a little bit down the road. Multimedia, on the other hand, is here now. Use it to your advantage, along with your interpersonal skills, to increase your value as a professional.

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