These 6 companies are hiring the most AI workers right now


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a future technology. It’s here, right now! That means organizations are eagerly trying to find AI workers who can help them launch initiatives that can leverage the power of smart machines and algorithms capable of learning and making decisions.

From governments and global mega-corporations to SMBs, enterprises of all sizes want to acquire or develop AI talent. Just visit online job sites such as, CareerBuilder, Dice, Glassdoor and others, search “AI,” and marvel at the number of positions available today. Those search results may leave AI professional with so many options that they feel overwhelmed.

One way to begin filtering AI opportunities is to zero in on the enterprises seeking the largest number of AI workers. Not surprisingly, they’re all high-profile organizations, many of which are prestigious landing spots for tech pros.

RS components, a U.K.-based distributor of electronic, electrical and industrial components, recently analyzed job postings from some of the biggest tech companies on the planet to see where the most AI positions are available. Here’s a link to an interactive infographic, and below I’ve listed the six companies currently seeking the most AI pros:

  • Microsoft — 1,964 AI jobs posted (36% of 5,440 total available jobs)
  • Google — 837 AI jobs (18% of 4,568)
  • Intel — 432 AI jobs (17% of 2,602)
  • Nvidia — 369 AI jobs (33% of 1,104)
  • SAP — 320 AI jobs (12% of 2,577)
  • Amazon — 297 AI jobs (2% of 18,781)

Microsoft really stands out here because not only is it looking to fill more than twice as many AI positions as second-place Google, but more than one-third of available positions are AI-related. Only Nvidia (at 33%) is close. Redmond clearly is all-in on AI! (If you’re wondering what Microsoft’s AI strategy is, here’s a comprehensive overview from Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft’s chief evangelist and corporate VP of developer platform.)

While Microsoft is the most visible in terms of AI job offerings, openings abound for AI pros at other tech companies and in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and transportation. The need is there, and so are the opportunities.

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