Why intelligent cloud ERP delivers increased value


Agility is the name of the game for businesses who want the ability to respond to threats and opportunities in their marketplace. The arrival of intelligent cloud ERP provides the core technology that allows organisations to build the agile foundation required for entering new markets and becoming the disruptors of their industry.

Intelligent cloud ERP differentiates itself from legacy ERP software in its ability to better embed automation into an organisation’s day-to-day processes. It comes equipped with technologies, such as predictive analytics, conversational user experience design, and artificial intelligence, that enables it to learn, memorise and execute the task on behalf of the user – a big step forward from simply alerting the user that something must be done.

This intelligence provides the digital platform on which organisations can better leverage data for more powerful insights, integrate end-to-end processes and incorporate external sources of information into their day-to-day decision-making.

Too often we see our clients waiting patiently for improved functionality as they miss valuable opportunities for creating business value. In an environment of relentless competition and empowered customers, however, there simply isn’t any time to waste.

This is about creating value for customers by adapting to their expectations at rapid speed.

With cloud technology comes new innovation at the same rate that customers’ expectations are increasing. With the ability to scale processes and deliver superior user experiences, businesses can follow through on their most ambitious competitive strategies.

Intelligent cloud ERP offers exponentially faster deployment cycles. Businesses can gain the most up-to-date capabilities and applications as they’re developed, rather than waiting months or years after their competitors have deployed them. Where businesses would previously have to pick and choose between technologies they could realistically access, they can now begin rolling out real use cases for:

  • AI and machine learning
  • Voice-enabled digital assistants
  • In-memory analytics
  • End-to-end data integration
  • Real-time analysis dashboards

Software-as-a-service consumption of ERP means regular updates, which in turn delivers the value-adding functionality required to stay competitive. It’s also the most affordable and sustainable way to access these capabilities, as your IT team only needs to focus on driving your business forward, as opposed to wasting countless hours on software implementation.

Intelligent core ERP puts any business in the fast lane by being faster to:

  • Deploy: Implement the new system and bring core processes on board in weeks, instead of months or years.
  • Upgrade: Regular upgrades through the cloud enable the deployment of new capabilities more rapidly than an on-premise deployment.
  • Adopt: User experience is simplified through an interface that takes lessons from leading consumer-friendly applications, as well as mobile capabilities for your remote workforce.

We know that customised, on-premise ERP deployments commonly wait years between upgrades. These upgrades are also often held back by complex integrations with other legacy software.

Conversely, intelligent cloud ERP pushes out new capabilities multiple times a year, so you can consistently outpace your competition. In particular, AI and machine learning applications allow you to use software that learns from business users and eventually predict the information they require. This makes your ERP a living system that business users direct to intuitively enhance every process.

Paul Kruger is Director of Sales and Marketing, DXC Oxygen.

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