3 entry-level tech jobs that pay at least $100,000 (and a fourth that comes close)


These are not your father’s (or mother’s) entry-level salaries.

Comparably, a platform that provides anonymous data on compensation, recently crunched some crazy numbers to determine which technology jobs pay the most for people just entering the workforce. Turns out plenty of them offer the kind of compensation that not too long ago would have been enviable even for veteran workers.

“Gone are the days when a newly graduated college student or someone hoping to switch careers had to settle for barely getting by in an entry-level job – at least in the tech world,” the company wrote. “Many entry-level tech jobs pay well, some in the six-figure range, from the outset of one’s career.”

That’s a pretty cushy ground floor!

Comparably said it analyzed “thousands of anonymous salary records to determine which entry-level tech jobs are most popular and earned the biggest paycheck.”

The study showed that three technology jobs in particular are likely to offer at least $100,000 to entry-level workers, with a fourth position falling just short of that amount.

And here they are:

  • Data scientist — $113,254
  • Product manager — $106,127
  • Developer — $100,610
  • Mobile developer — $98,317

Remember, these are averages, so plenty of mobile developers probably top the magic six-figure mark. For the college grads and plucky career-switchers who are talented and fortunate enough to snag one of these jobs right out of the gate, Ramen Instant Noodles are not likely to comprise a major part of their diets, unless they’re into that sort of thing.

Here are three more entry-level tech jobs that pay quite well on average. It’s likely that some folks landing these positions could make a run at six figures, depending on their ability to persuade and the needs/budgets of their employers:

  • Sales engineer — $90,575
  • DevOps engineer — $89,300
  • UI/UX designer — $84,841

If you’ve got tech skills these days, opportunities abound, even for rookies just breaking into the game.

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