The ISDN Cut-Off – why should you pay attention?


The ISDN cut off is happening, and if you’re not already prepared, you need to start immediately.

Copper services have been disconnected since November last year, thanks to the roll out of the NBN. Voice services have so far remained intact, but ISDN voice services using the old copper-based networks will also be disconnected starting this September.

That is just a few months away, which is not a long time when you consider that some companies have to account for hundreds, if not thousands, of users, handsets and phone lines. Even for the small to mid-sized enterprise, migrating a handful of users from traditional copper phone lines to a SIP service is not as simple as it may seem.

Planning, budgeting and the implementation for the change can take months – and that’s a luxury we can no longer afford. In addition to simply switching users over to SIP, many companies are also taking this opportunity to review their entire collaboration estate and considering moving to a Unified Comms solution to reduce costs and drive operational efficiency.

If this is a path you want to consider, talk to a trusted partner today. Moving to UC has ample benefits but will take time to plan, budget, project manage and implement.

Regardless of whether you’re migrating just to SIP, or looking at a larger UC consolidation, September is just around the corner. You’ll need to act quickly now to avoid the later frustration (and financial and operational losses) of a phone system disconnecting before you’re ready.

Justin-Lin-headshotJustin Lai is a Business Development Executive with DXC Connect.

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