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This time of year always is good for a “best tech jobs of the upcoming year” post — especially if you can work the magic link-clicking words “six-figure” into the headline!

For this post, however, we’re looking beyond 2020. What are some of the tech jobs of the future that don’t yet exist? It’s not an idle question: As machines and automated processes increasingly take over job tasks previously handled by humans, it’s important that new jobs and specialties emerge to provide employment alternatives to workers whose jobs, professions, and even industries go away.

Enterprise leaders also need to be looking down the road to determine the technologies and skills they’ll need to compete in the digital economy beyond 2020. One of the reasons organizations get caught flat-footed as emerging technologies catch on is enterprise decision-makers fail to adequately anticipate and prepare. To succeed in a world of ongoing digital transformation, everyone must be a futurist.

Here are some of the tech jobs you might see in the near future:

AI wrangler

I don’t really think there will be a job with that title, though if there is it will be as cool-sounding as “scrum master.” But I am certain there will be an emerging need for people with the skills to overcome the language and processing barriers that exist between humans and artificial intelligence, thus enabling people to better leverage algorithms and machines. Maybe “AI whisperer” would be more appropriate, if less forceful.

Deepfake detection specialist

Audio and video that sounds and looks like someone else (your CEO, your business partner, a politician, etc.) is becoming more common and increasingly dangerous to enterprises, whose employees (including senior executives) can be tricked into transferring money or divulging confidential information. Someone has to a put a stop to it. Who ya gonna call?

Deepfake creation specialist

Some governments and even organizations may need the services of a deepfake creation specialist for various (and possibly nefarious) reasons. Not endorsing, just saying it may be a thing.

Digital scrubber

Remember “The Wolf” in the classic Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction? Job candidates with problematic digital histories might need a Wolf-like cleansing in the future, and they may be able to enlist the services of a digital scrubber to do just that. As Meeta Ramnani speculates at Enterprise Talk, a digital scrubber could help people manage their online reputations.

Drone manager

This one’s from Mary Ellen Slayter at Monster.com. She writes, “‘Over the next 10 to 20 years, drones will lose their novelty and become ubiquitous,’ says Mick Mortlock, senior futurist and co-founder of Imaginexxus LLC, an Oregon company that creates products and services based on the analysis and research of imagination. Experts will need to set and enforce standards for acquiring and maintaining an organization’s fleet of drones.”

Robot repair specialist

Robots are machines. Machines break down and need to be fixed. End of story.

What tech jobs of the future can you think of that aren’t mentioned above? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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