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It’s well-known that technology jobs pay well relative to many non-tech positions and occupations. Indeed, data released earlier this year by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a median salary of $91,530 for computer or tech-related jobs in the U.S. That’s nearly 50% higher than the U.S. median household income of $63,179, as reported by the Census Bureau.

But even within the high-paying world of technology, there are levels. Workplace compensation and culture research firm Comparably recently crunched some numbers to determine which of the most popular jobs in the tech sector paid the most. Not surprisingly, the jobs at the very top of the list are senior-level positions that probably aren’t available to recent college graduates, at least not at larger enterprises. If you’ve got the right experience and skill set, though, there are some awesome-paying tech-related jobs awaiting you.

Here’s what Comparably came up with (along with some comments from me):

  1. VP sales ($300,724) — In the bottom-line business world, no one is more valuable than the rainmaker (except maybe the visionary).
  2. VP marketing ($219,985) — Perhaps the rainmaker’s most important partner and colleague.
  3. VP engineering ($215,906) — If the technology isn’t solid, the organization is on a shaky foundation.
  4. VP business development ($204,345) — Works with all of the above to move business forward.
  5. VP operations ($196,623) — Keeping systems and processes running is mission-critical in the digital era.
  6. Director, engineering ($182,881) — Responsible for performance of engineering team.
  7. Director, product ($176,423) — Responsible for ensuring the product matches the vision.
  8. Director, finance ($159,600) — Need analytical skills, knowledge of database technologies.
  9. Director, security ($158,905) — Protecting networks, systems, and data is a big (and sometimes thankless!) job.
  10. Principal engineer ($157,036) — This person essentially acts as the project manager for engineering.

The jobs listed above aren’t rare, either. Each position “needed a minimum of 500 records nationwide to be considered statistically significant for inclusion,” according to Comparably. Further, the average median salaries were based on data collected from more than 12,000 employees in those jobs. The figures above do not include stocks or equity, which means they may actually pay more.

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