Launching DXC’s Applied AI Studio

Self-driving cars, the sharing economy and smart factories are just a few examples of the massive change and extraordinary opportunities that digital technologies can help us create. There’s just one catch—the tools themselves can’t imagine, innovate or self-engineer. That’s up to us. And the current shortage of skilled workers and inspired thinkers is creating a drag on innovation.

To help overcome these challenges, DXC Technology recently established the Applied AI Studio at Drexel University’s College of Computing and Informatics (CCI). The studio will serve as a launching pad to release new applied artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Working together, DXC clients, DXC staff, and students will also use the studio to pursue moonshot AI projects featuring DXC’s solutions and applied research.

Located on the ninth floor of Drexel CCI’s home at 3675 Market Street in Philadelphia, the new, 5,000-square-foot DXC Applied AI Studio @ Drexel will welcome the program’s first cohort of 100 international students from India, Mexico, Malawi, and the Philippines. Students were invited by DXC and Drexel to earn a master’s degree in one of four areas: software engineering, information systems, data science and computer science.

Unique to this program is the close tie between DXC clients, students in the Drexel program and real-world projects. Students are responsible for helping companies identify innovative applications for emerging technologies to solve current business issues and create real value. With a fresh, digital-native perspective, few preconceived notions and unbounded enthusiasm, students are well suited to an Applied AI Studio environment. In addition to developing innovative technologies, students are responsible for project planning, management, client presentations and other duties that will help them develop relevant digital-generation workforce skills.



DXC’s Jerry Overton speaks with Drexel University students

The Drexel center is part of DXC’s Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence (CoE). Employees in DXC’s Applied AI CoE will lead the program as mentors. We’ve engaged several initial clients for the Applied AI Studio, and we’ll work with them to demonstrate what AI can do, with a focus on practical applications that can be integrated into the enterprise. The studio’s initial roster includes:

  • Helping a championship motorsports organization explore ways it can use artificial intelligence to draw more insight and value from the data its race cars collect.
  • Helping a food service company build programs to support healthy eating habits and lifestyles.
  • Helping a leading European financial institution embed AI-powered financial advice in consumer banking applications.

The skills the students develop in the program will help them lead large-scale innovation projects, manage teams, and co-develop solutions with DXC clients.

Pundits, media and other commentators debate the role that automation will play in the workforce of the future, but without doubt the need for skilled, creative workers will only grow larger. Recent studies reveal that more than half of all new tech-oriented jobs are in computing, yet just 3% of college graduates finish with a computer science degree That disconnect prevents all of us—companies, governments and societies—from realizing the full value that breakthroughs like artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to offer.

Applied AI Studios like this one are an important step toward meeting that demand and helping everyone realize the full benefit of today’s game-changing technologies.

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