DXC Technology highlighting latest retail capabilities during NRF 2020

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Reports of the retail industry’s imminent demise are widespread, not to mention incorrect. There’s no question the retail industry is transforming: New technology, evolving consumer behavior and disruptive new innovators are redefining the retail experience in new and exciting ways. But statistics gathered by the National Retail Federation show that retail isn’t on the decline. In fact, it’s thriving. Retail sales have grown almost four percent annually over the last decade and for every company closing a store, more than five companies are opening new locations.

Perhaps most importantly, retailers are developing a sophisticated understanding of digital transformation and the power of combined in-store and online customer experiences. Even though online sales now comprise 10% of all retail sales, much of that revenue is generated by companies with storefronts. Of the top 50 online retailers, nearly all operate stores.

Digital transformation throughout the value chain is helping retailers increase in-store revenue and elevate customer engagement:

  • Advanced technologies — including high resolution and holographic intelligent displays and augmented reality Light Array scanning to guide customers to promotional information — are enabling stores to engage shoppers in new ways while providing more insights into customer preferences and buying habits.
  • RFID inventory management and localization as well as mobile picking and shipping operations are improving speed, agility and efficiency in the omnichannel fulfillment process.
  • Data gathered across all channels, virtual and physical, can be collected to feed customer segmentation models, churn analytics and next-best-action offers based on machine learning algorithms that allow retailers to optimize revenue and increase customer loyalty.

As retailers gather for the NRF 2020 in New York next week, attendees will see how digital solutions like these are redefining the customer experience and how they can benefit. Co-located with strategic partner Microsoft (booth #4501), DXC will demonstrate an integrated engagement platform that suggests applicable products or promotions to an in-store customer based on their previous engagements with the retailer, in any channel. An intelligent conversational interface allows customers to engage with associates, ask for assistance or access real-time information, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

An even more immersive experience awaits attendees who visit DXC’s Retail Experience Center at Rockefeller Center where visitors will experience the latest technologies transforming retail, in stores and online. Retailers will have the chance to walk through real-life retail scenarios that demonstrate how digital solutions create the kind of immersive, engaging experiences that consumers expect. Following an end-to-end retail journey of the connected enterprise from the back office to the storefront, attendees will see how DXC solutions built on Microsoft technology enable them to monitor social media channels and engage customers quickly, analyze customer interactions to drive increased loyalty, provide personalized offers, leverage connected technologies in-store to engage customers and deliver a seamless experience across all retail channels.

Nick Stroop is Director of Sales, Consumer and Retail for DXC’s Microsoft Business Applications Practice

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