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Let’s take a moment to consider where priorities will – and should – lie in the years to come. One of the biggest themes of the past few years has been patient-centered care. This will continue to grow and expand as healthcare organizations, providers and payers, patient groups, technology companies, and government agencies seek to improve patient outcomes. When the healthcare industry comes together in Orlando from March 9 to 13 for HIMSS20, the question of how to ensure that patients are engaged and featured in every decision about their care will be widely discussed.

Taking the pulse of HIMSS Digital Influencers

In the meantime, we wanted to tap into expert resources from the HIMSS Digital Influencer Program, for their thoughts on what 2020 will bring for healthcare.  Here’s what they’ve been saying on Twitter about the future of healthcare.

Below are direct tweets from the influencers:

With the new decade upon us, we have much to look forward to in 2020. Starter list:
–    Break out of the AI hype cycle (focus on what’s real – there’s a lot!)
–    DigitalHealth that focuses on the whole person
–    Intersection of bigdata with bigpharma
-Rasu Shrestha MD MBA | @RasuShrestha

We built our whole company around a mission to humanize healthcare so love that thread! To us it’s about each stakeholders’ voice being heard and increasing access to high quality care while restoring joy back to the healthcare workforce.
-Jamey Edwards | @jameyedwards

Top focus? Easy. Enabling companies to ask patients, ask patients, ask patients, ask patients, ask patients, ask patients, ask patients, ask patients…and equitably value their contributions. Working with patients is a value add. They help quickly identify pitfalls early on. It’s just smart business to ask patients. Let’s make healthtech support patients, not be extractive or make their lives more difficult.
-Jen Horonjeff | @jhoronjeff

Utilizing technology to break down socioeconomic and demographic barriers for patients to access healthcare, including second opinions. Even a simple Skype call or a webinar to reach patients who are confined by financial or illness constraints to review imaging results could open up new treatment options and HOPE.
-Stacy Hurt | @stacy_hurt

Telehealth is a game-changer for healthcare, disrupting the current place space relationship & caring for people where they are.  Think reduced travel, carbon footprint, hassle & waiting, while increasing satisfaction & care quality!
-Jamey Edwards | @jameyedwards

My top priority for 2020 is to give patients access to ALL their health data, with full privacy respect. I built @andaman7 for that. At the same time, allowing patients to contribute to research will also save lives (see
-Vincent Keunen | @VincentKeunen

The convergence of these technologies – telemedicine, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain – is where we’ll start to see biggest transformations in healthcare practice.
-Chrissa McFarlane | @ChrissaTanelia

My top focus is to support the development and ability to access the technology. That includes allaying fears over HIPAA or other regs blocking and also helping to refine to make respect for privacy a part of the solution too.
-Matt Fisher | @Matt_R_Fisher

As for trends – more convergence between life sciences, provider and payer; more awareness of how patient data is being used – profits vs patients – and how consumer backlash for “being the product” may trigger some of the patient centric changes we’ve always wanted…
-Dr. George Mathew | @gmathews71


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