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Practical business uses for blockchain technology


Blockchain was created as the public transaction ledger for the bitcoin cryptocurrency, but blockchain technology also has a variety of practical applications in enterprise business process scenarios. The beauty of blockchain is that virtually any type of data can be put into the distributed ledger. Each record or block contains a cryptographic hash of the […]

8 ways blockchain will change finance & accounting

Blockchain is rapidly evolving from hype to high-value technology with real-world applications in business. In 2017, blockchain began making its way onto the roadmap of business process services. Now it is emerging in full operational deployments and disrupting fundamental business processes related to buying and selling and converging into mainstream accounting technology used to record […]

Will the blockchain train ever arrive?


Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology developed to support bitcoin, will revolutionize how enterprises across multiple industries increase the security, speed, and accuracy of financial and data transactions while reducing costs. Or maybe not. For all the money being spent on blockchain development by organizations and investors — not to mention the blockchain-related jobs boom that […]

La portata della Blockchain andrà presto oltre la valuta e verso i processi aziendali

La tecnologia blockchain è già il tema preferito della stampa, e sembra chiaro che svolgerà un ruolo evolutivo -e forse persino rivoluzionario- nei prossimi anni del nostro viaggio di trasformazione digitale collettiva. Tuttavia, abbiamo molto da imparare (incluso me stesso!) su questa tecnologia di registro distribuito. Che cos’è esattamente, dov’è ora e verso dove sta […]

Blockchain : de la cryptomonnaie aux processus métiers


La blockchain est d’ores et déjà la coqueluche de la presse, et il semble évident qu’elle jouera un rôle de plus en plus important dans les années à venir (voire déterminant). Pourtant, nous avons tous beaucoup à apprendre (moi inclus !) concernant cette technologie de registre distribué. Qu’est-ce qu’exactement la blockchain, où en est-on et […]

El alcance de Blockchain pronto superará la frontera monetaria y saltará a los procesos comerciales

La tecnología Blockchain es uno de los temas favoritos de la prensa, y parece claro que jugará un papel crucial, y quizás revolucionario en los próximos años, y en este viaje colectivo hacia la transformación digital. Aún así, todos tenemos mucho que aprender (¡yo mismo incluido!) sobre esta tecnología de registros distribuidos. Así que ¿de […]

The blockchain opportunity beckons


It’s no secret that a good way to stay employed in the technology industry is to have relevant skills. And a way to stay lucratively employed is to have relevant skills that are in high demand. That means identifying emerging technologies that will generate an ecosystem of jobs, and then learning the skills necessary to […]

Blockchain’s reach will soon go beyond currency and into business processes


By Wade Funk Blockchain is already the darling of the press, and it seems clear that it will play an evolutionary – and maybe even revolutionary – role in the coming years of our collective digital transformation journey. Still, we’ve all got a lot to learn (myself included!) about this distributed ledger technology. What exactly […]

Leveraging blockchain features for access restriction in our 3D printing proof-of-concept

When we last talked about our 3D printing procurement system proof-of-concept, we promised to report back on how we are using blockchain features for access restriction. Prior to implementing blockchain features, we handled access restriction to the 3D model files (STL/G-code) using folder access and Enterprise GitHub. This worked fine if the 3D printing was […]

Niche blockchain players emerging in healthcare

Pulse Series: As part of the 21st Century Series on Australian Healthcare, David Pare, CTO for DXC Healthcare and Life Sciences in Australia and New Zealand, will focus each month on news, start-ups and developments within the industry — what’s happening, what’s being done to drive innovation, and what’s new or newsworthy. In my last blog, I […]