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Underexplored space – The journey to digital real estate (part 2)


This is part 2 of a 2-part series on the digitalization of real estate. Read part 1. In buildings, the cost-efficient documentation of floor spaces with digital indoor technology creates both a “point cloud” by scanning the building with laser technology, and 360-degree pictures by capturing the building with digital high-definition photo cameras. This raw […]

Underexplored space – The journey to digital real estate (part 1)


This is part 1 of a 2-part series on the digitalization of real estate.  The challenges of real estate digitalization are reminiscent of the age of the great explorers and discoverers. From this perspective of digitalization, the real estate portfolios of business enterprises are mostly unmeasured, unmapped, yet not-unknown land. Even if buildings are intensely […]

Exploring multiple-factor authentication in the consumer market

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When Odysseus meets his family again after a decades-long journey, he must undergo many obstacles to prove himself the true ruler of Ithaca and legitimate husband of the queen, Penelope. New suitors and imposters are striving to take possession of the throne and its assets. But Odysseus, the architect of the Trojan horse, is aware of the […]

The digitalization of real estate management

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When it comes to “digitalization” of real estate management, there are appropriate implementation strategies and approaches that businesses should be aware of  — and some are already adopting. For example, real estate tenants, owners and operators increasingly use digital marketplaces to communicate. These marketplaces range from complaint management solutions to craftsmen portals and platforms that allow full communication […]

The connected healthcare ecosystem: Integrating medicine, data and IT

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Healthcare systems have undergone major changes in recent years with the aim of improving care delivery. Driving the changes are political, social and personal shifts, such as the capping of healthcare expenditures; the financing of innovative medicine; and growing awareness of health and wellbeing among the general population. Promising national initiatives have been launched in […]

At which speed should you drive your IT organization?

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As an IT organisation, you need to support your business and deliver perceived commodity services, including: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems Applications that were developed 30 years ago on mainframes Workplace solutions (email, computer, Internet, network, etc.) Storage capacity As a perceived commodity, these services must be reliable, secure and always available. Moreover, the business […]

ISO 27001 certification: Is it worth the trouble?

What should an organization do to protect its information? Many organizations turn to ISO 27001 certification. The ISO 27001 standard offers a well-known framework to implement industry best practices in areas such as security incident management and physical security. But is ISO 27001 certification worth the trouble? Does it make a difference? After all, certification takes up […]

Exploring blockchain in banking

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Blockchain or, more precisely, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is currently one of the hot topics in the banking industry. Its main focus is on clearing and settlement, where DLT can reduce reconcile efforts, address liquidity needs and accelerate processing. Several reports and studies suggest benefits and substantial savings – in particular, when DLT is applied […]