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Do ‘Know Your Customer’ programs really work?

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“Know me? No? It’s me!” Every time I walk into an establishment where I hold some sort of loyalty card, I wonder if “they” really “know me.” That got me to thinking about Know Your Customer (KYC) programs. More and more, financial institutions are performing KYC, not to really get to know you, but to check […]

How much power does a license hold?

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The business of financial advice is changing. We will first look at what causes forces of change.

Blockchain and Banking

The past few years has seen significant advances in the area of payments — a number of countries are focusing on faster payments as a means of better control of the risks associated with clearing and settlement. There are a vast number of Fintech firms focusing on the aspect of what I will call ‘Payment […]

Disruptive thinking – and infinite vision

A while ago, I read a fascinating book called “Infinite Vision” by Pavithra K. Mehta and Suchitra Shenoy that details how a retired doctor (known affectionately as Dr.V) made it his mission to provide the gift of sight to what he called ‘preventable blindness.’ As noble a cause as this is, Dr. V realized that […]