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When your personal digital assistant is a spy

It won’t be long before many or even most of our daily activities in and out of work will be conducted with the help of personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as Alexa, Cortana, Google or Siri. From checking daily appointments to sending messages to capturing personal and professional epiphanies, these PDAs promise to be the […]

Google Glass is back, and you might not even hate it this time around

Have the summer tech news doldrums hit early this year? How else to explain the excitement surrounding the reboot of Google Glass. You remember Google Glass, the laughingstock of 2013? Well, according to many headlines, Google Glass redux already is a success: Google Glass Gets It Right the Second Time Google Glass 2.0 Is a […]

Meet ransomware’s equally shady cousin

Mobile ransomware

Ransomware has been grabbing headlines this year through attacks on high-profile targets such as hospitals and major retailers. And while most of the prominent ransomware attacks have come through PCs, ransomware files targeting mobile devices have increased dramatically this year. Data from the Kaspersky Lab Malware Report for the first quarter shows that 218,625 mobile […]

AI and chatbots will revolutionize how we work


If you’ve successfully asked Siri or Google to play a song on YouTube, check the weather or make a phone call, you understand the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing and machine learning to transform our everyday lives through interactions with AI-powered chatbots. Much of the focus of chatbot developers has been on […]

The Internet of Thing’s biggest vulnerability isn’t security

There will be 20.4 billion connected devices —  or “things” — in use around the globe by 2020, more than double the 8.4 billion connected things this year, research firm Gartner, Inc. predicted in February. Impressive numbers, no doubt, though somewhat misleading — if you assume that all the devices that need to be able to […]

Surviving (and thriving) in the automated workplace


Americans are deeply divided about the impact of automation on the workplace, even as they recognize its inevitability, according to a new survey. Roughly one-third of respondents (34%) to the American Staffing Association (ASA) Workforce Monitor survey say “automation will be a positive development for the workforce in the next 10 years or more,” while 31% […]

Connectivity is an overlooked barrier to IoT


Nearly all large enterprises are confident their existing and planned Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives will pay off, according to a recent survey. The survey and report by research firm Vanson Bourne shows that 97% of respondents “are experiencing, or expect to experience, significant benefits from the deployment of IoT technologies” in the next few […]

Worse than ransomware? That’s just great.

Cyber attack

If you or your enterprise were victims of the reported massive ransomware attack that rocked the digital world Tuesday, you may have seen a message on your infected device informing you that your data will be unlocked after you pay a $300 hostage fee in bitcoin. Researchers initially thought the “malware was a new version […]

Smartphones in the enterprise: A decade of productivity (and lots of personal texting)


Ten years ago, on June 29, 2007, Apple released the first iPhone. This bold bid to capture the mobile consumer market from established players such as Nokia and Blackberry maker Research in Motion soon would trigger a movement called “consumerization,” which would have a huge impact on enterprises and IT professionals. Whereas once IT pros […]

How millennial work habits fuel enterprise success (really!)

millennial workplace DXC Blogs

Regarding millennials, the typical advice for enterprise leaders often has a slightly patronizing air to it. Younger workers, it seems, are children to be tolerated and even indulged: “If you don’t allow millennial workers to use the digital tools of their choice on the job, they will become unhappy and unproductive.” (Cynical Subtext: You have to let […]