Workplace of the Future

Chris Nerney's take on the latest developments in mobile and workplace technology

The payoff enterprises expect when they indulge their employees’ tech preferences


Prior to the influx of smartphones, tablets, and other consumer devices into the workplace, enterprise IT and business leaders made top-down decisions regarding which technologies would be used by employees — who typically had little or no input — to do their jobs. Consumerization rendered that approach as obsolete as a pager. Enterprises today must […]

Are you for real (or are you a hologram)?


Someday, you might be able to sit at a conference table with colleagues and not be able to tell which participants are real and which are perfectly accurate holographic representations of people who aren’t there in the flesh yet nonetheless keep interrupting you. On the plus side, the holographic donuts will contain absolutely zero calories! […]

Enterprises must disrupt or die


Technologies and ideas are disruptive when they solve simple and widespread problems in ways that have not yet been tried. Disruptive technologies and ideas also have the power to create entirely new markets; think the Internet (online publishing and advertising), wireless communications networks (smartphones), and services such as Airbnb, which made it easy for anybody […]

Fueling collaboration through workplace design


With so many collaboration tools available, it’s often difficult for enterprise decision-makers to choose the one that will work best for their employees. One good way to avoid making a bad purchase or commitment is to seek employee input before choosing a collaboration platform. You can have what you believe to be the best collaboration […]

Using digital tools to predict employee moods (And is this even a good idea?)


INT. THE HR OFFICE OF A LARGE ENTERPRISE An HR manager greets TOM, a company executive, and both sit down. HR MANAGER Hi Tom. We had our HR bot ask you to come in today because, quite frankly, we’re a little concerned about you. TOM What do you mean? HR MANAGER Well, the latest sentiment analysis of your […]

Analytics (and clutch plays) led to Houston Astros’ first World Series win


You’ve probably heard all about the Sports Illustrated cover from 2014 that predicted the Houston Astros — at the time a woefully inept team — would win the 2017 World Series. Well, they did! And it arguably was the most exciting World Series ever, featuring two teams (Houston and the Los Angeles Dodgers) that won […]

AI in HR: Will your next job interview be with a chat bot?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used by enterprise human resource (HR) departments to handle frequent questions by employees, improve the on-boarding process of new hires, and automate repetitive HR tasks. The next logical step is for AI to help in the process of recruiting and screening job applicants. That step already is being taken by […]

When your IT users are on Mars


Both Elon Musk’s SpaceX program and Mars One are racing to colonize Mars. Meanwhile, the U.S. government wants to use the moon to “build the foundation we need to send Americans to Mars and beyond,” as Vice President Mike Pence recently explained. Who will be first to establish a permanent human presence on the moon, […]

When it comes to digital security, millennials are slackers (but so are boomers)


Data from a survey of nearly 800 employed U.S. adults makes clear what enterprise IT security professionals have always known: Humans — of all ages! — are the single biggest security vulnerability in any enterprise. Conducted by payment technology solutions vendor First Data, the survey aimed to assess the cybersecurity awareness of different age groups among […]

Mixed news on the “robots will steal our jobs” front


The notion of robots taking away jobs is frightening, especially given the dire predictions that have been made about how automation will replace millions of workers, particularly those in low-skill positions. Indeed, that already is happening. (When was the last time you received a marketing call from an actual human?) However, a new study from […]