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The next wave of chatbots will be smarter


Chatbots no longer can be considered a future technology. Across a number of industries — including financial services, retail, and travel — chatbots are being deployed today to interact with customers and clients. But today’s chatbots are relatively, how shall I say this, unevolved. (Sorry, chatbots reading this!) Sure, they can save enterprises money by […]

Carriers collaborating to improve mobile security


One of the biggest challenges for enterprise IT managers today is securing mobile devices. While the major obstacles to mobile security (as all IT pros know) are users, technology vulnerabilities also play a part in making mobile devices a risk to enterprise networks and data. That’s because users often are forced to jump through multiple […]

When the office snitch is a machine


Workplace surveillance has been a controversial subject for as long as there have been workplaces. Advocates of surveillance insist that it is essential for productivity, quality control, and (in some cases) safety. Further, they’ll insist, employees have no inherent right to privacy at work. Opponents of workplace surveillance argue that the practice actually is counter-productive; employees […]

How Facebook is fueling the enterprise chatbot revolution


We’re in the early stages of another digital revolution that is changing how consumers interact with brands and conduct transactions. This transformation comes in the form of virtual assistants called chatbots, which use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to interact with users. While the nascent chatbot movement has productive roots in a number of […]

Verizon’s video throttling could frustrate consumers and enterprises

Video Mobile

In a world where more videos are being watched on mobile devices than ever before, Verizon’s announcement that it will begin throttling mobile videos looms as a huge step back for consumers — and enterprises. The mobile carrier is now setting a maximum resolution of 480p for mobile phones and 720p for tablets. Verizon’s video […]

FEMA, telecoms rush to fill communications gap in wake of Harvey

Telecom Workers

One of the biggest obstacles to disaster recovery following a devastating storm such as Hurricane Harvey is communications failures. Downed power lines, toppled wireless towers, and flooded communications facilities caused by punishing winds, rain, and flooding make rescue efforts exponentially more difficult and hazardous, frequently leaving residents and disaster response professionals unable to convey vital […]

Smishing is the latest way scammers exploit your mobile users

Mobile Phone Texting

If there’s one thing enterprise IT professionals and cyber criminals can agree on, it’s that the biggest points of vulnerability in any network are users. Mobile users especially will do the darnedest things! They’ll lose their unsecured phones, download apps from sketchy third-party sites, and access confidential enterprise data using public wi-fi. The seemingly limitless […]

Will automation gut the IT “middle class”?

IT Field Engineer

As more industries find ways to use automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robots, debate intensifies over the impact of these technologies on employment. Optimists argue that, rather than replacing humans, automation/AI/ML/robots instead will free up enterprise employees from menial everyday tasks, enabling them to work on higher-value activities. Pessimists portray a future […]

No more slacking on mobile collaboration security

Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration tools provide enterprise project team members with a dynamic digital environment for brainstorming and communicating. Combined with mobile devices, collaboration platforms offer unparalleled flexibility for enterprise team members to contribute on the road, at home, or anywhere else. But collaboration platforms aren’t necessarily safe spaces. They’re potentially as vulnerable as any networked environment these […]

Want to increase your workplace value? Acquire machine learning skills


Machine learning isn’t a future technology: It’s here now. Do a Google News search on “machine learning” on any random day, as I did, and you’ll see headlines such as: How Machine Learning is Helping Morgan Stanley Better Understand Client Needs High schooler makes 3D-printed, machine learning-powered eye disease diagnosis system Moving forward for machine […]