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Are we expecting too much of AI too soon?


Do a Google search on the phrase “how artificial intelligence is transforming”. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You’ll notice that even before you hit the “search” button, Google suggests artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming: the legal profession contact centers global industries the financial industry Wall Street Once you do hit “search,” you get 112 million results, […]

Tech dominates list of best jobs in U.S.


The list of best jobs in the U.S. continues to be dominated by positions in the technology sector. The employment site Indeed recently analyzed data from its own listings, focusing on jobs that paid well (at least $75,000) and have had the most growth on Indeed in the past four years. Topping the list? Well, […]

Imagining the smartphone of the future


Cell phones have undergone a continuous evolution since the DynaTAC 8000x made its debut in 1983 — when millions of iPhone and Android users weren’t yet born. The DynaTAC was the size of a shoe, with a thick, inflexible antenna protruding from the top. It had enough battery to power a 30-minute conversation. Oh, and since […]

Your job may be killing you


I got my first “real” job in my early 20s, working as a reporter at a small newspaper. The editor was a combustible tyrant, going off on rants daily, muttering loudly about one staffer or another, and generally making the lives of everyone in the newsroom as miserable as his probably was. (Funny how that […]

The future of technology risk management: Agile and proactive


Managing enterprise technology always has been synonymous with managing change, which also is about managing risk. But never has change come as fast or as disruptively as over the past decade. And there’s no letup in sight. In fact, the pace and scope of technology change will only intensify in the future, so much so […]

Change or die: 3 key characteristics of a “vibrant learning culture”


Enterprise employees are under a lot of pressure to anticipate what they need to do to flourish in the workplace of the future, especially since many jobs, specific job functions, and even entire industries are expected to disappear as automation and artificial intelligence become more prevalent. (See “For Workers In the Digital Economy, Staying Still […]

The best (and worst!) career advice you’ll ever hear


Whether you’re fresh out of college or staring at a mid-life crisis, making decisions about your career is stressful! With so many conflicting factors to consider, how can you possibly know if you are choosing the Path to Prosperity or the Road to Ruin? Success Street or the Boulevard of Broken Dreams? Achievement Avenue or […]

How to reduce employee fears about artificial intelligence


Humans fear a seemingly endless list of things, but on the broadest level, what they fear most is the unknown. And one of the greatest fears throughout history is fear of new technology. There probably were some Mesopotamians who thought the abacus was a tool of the devil! In the more recent past, people have […]

Workplace of the future is here, and it belongs to the agile and adaptive


A recent article on the Business Insider website contained some great career advice, yet the piece also contains a pair of flawed inherent premises, both of which are hinted at in the headline: “7 skills all young people need to survive the future of the workplace.” Let me be clear: The advice presented by Charlotte Edmond […]

Bridging the generational divide at work


A generational workplace skirmish erupted on LinkedIn back in March, with Millennials and older workers lobbing insults of varying levels of wit and vitriol at each other. While my transparent bid to leverage this battle for page views met with some success, my efforts to broker a peace were for naught! For example, I concluded […]