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A month after WannaCry: How do we stop the next threat?

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It’s been almost a month since the WannaCry ransomware attacks crippled businesses and governments in more than 150 countries. Though the attack was short-lived with a “kill switch” quickly identified, the disruption sent a clear message: As bad actors become more powerful and bold in their attacks, organizations must step up their game to stay […]

Protect your business by orchestrating and automating security operations

Organizations today face an unprecedented number of security threats, and the risks will only increase as employees, customers and partners embrace new trends and innovations on their road to digital transformation. These changing and growing threats mean that traditional security methods – techniques that defend the enterprise with moats and walls and monitor for things […]

What you need to know about IoT hacking and medical devices

Some pretty frightening news has come out of the healthcare industry in recent months related to cyberattacks and medical devices. A legal case is now underway questioning the safety of cardiac implants used by a large U.S. hospital. A lawsuit claims the devices are vulnerable to potentially life-threatening cyberattacks. The OneTouch Ping insulin pump has […]

One key step to protecting at-risk enterprise applications

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Cybercrime is growing, and the perpetrators are becoming more sophisticated. Worse, they’re getting really good at networking – sharing techniques, code and successes that can multiply the effects of an attack exponentially. Just last month, the huge Mirai attack launched a bot army of IoT devices on critical Internet infrastructure that supports big-name websites such […]

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan awakens nation to modern-day threat

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On 21 April 2016, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull officially launched the Federal government’s national cybersecurity strategy. This initiative provides the pivotal step needed for the greater protection of the nation from cybersecurity attacks that have demonstrated the potential to endanger national security. This strategy will be instrumental in providing explicit guidance to a wide range […]

Cyber insurance: State of play

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Cyber risks are real and constantly evolving with technological advances and pervasiveness. Whether as individuals, small businesses or multinational companies, we all face the threat of a cyber incident that can result in costly financial consequences. As the insurance industry deals with heavy competition for classic products and negative interest rate headwinds limiting returns from insurer’s bond portfolios, cyber risks […]

Cybersecurity and the future of retail

As the retail industry undergoes a huge transformation, bringing new and innovative digital ideas to life, threat agents — cyber criminals and hacktivists — gain more ways to steal personal data (PII) and payment card information (PCI) or harm retail organizations and their customers. Likewise, corporations (competitors) or nation states may commit business interruptive cyber activities with economic or […]

11 neat digital trends changing retail — and the one concern they all share

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According to a recent survey conducted by independent research firm Forrester, 97% of retail CIOs prioritized digital innovation and cybersecurity in 2015. This should not surprise readers of this blog, as the spike of cyber incidents at major retailers in 2014 and 2015 showed that businesses are open to customers and cybercriminals alike. The retail sector is undergoing its biggest […]

5 things businesses should know about Identity Access Management

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Applying appropriate and sufficient controls to manage user accounts and access rights is one of the most significant challenges in today’s enterprise’s IT environment. Intentional or accidental misuse of IT-driven business processes by authorized users can have a severe impact on the enterprise and its competitive position. Vendors of Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions tend to promise […]

Breaking down the threat of cyber terrorism

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In April 2015, a hacking group called CyberCaliphate attacked Tv5 Monde, a French media outlet. The attack resulted in temporary control of the main website, social media accounts and interruption of 11 TV stations, crippling the company’s broadcast capabilities for hours. The group defaced the website and social media accounts by placing #Daesh propaganda on them (e.g. I am IS), […]