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Keeping your critical business apps safe and functioning

How do you protect the “crown jewels” of your business? We’re talking about things like critical data that simply can’t fall victim to hacking, or essential applications that can’t suffer even a minute of downtime. How do you make sure your IT infrastructure reliably supports and secures these sorts of operations, while keeping an eye […]

Modern platform and the next step in virtualization

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Virtualization has happened in businesses in every industry in every market around the world. The benefits of transforming physical IT into virtual environments are well known at this point. They include enabling more productive, efficient systems and driving cost savings for the company – all well and good and very important goals for the business. […]

Planning for the journey to platform modernization

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In the frenzied race to the cloud, some organizations forget that not all applications and infrastructure actually belong there – at least, not yet. Many applications that are core to the business – legacy apps from the early 2000s, specialized HR or payroll apps – can’t be easily virtualized or moved to the cloud. It […]