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George Hulme lends his expert insight into the latest developments in cybersecurity

IoT primes identity management for continued investment growth


IoT is slowly taking hold within enterprises and it’s often doing so as the foundation of Industry 4.0.  This is a trend that’s likely to accelerate as IoT not only transforms how consumers use and interact with the devices around them, but also promises to transform manufacturing through smarter factories. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen time […]

Identity fraud adapts to new defenses, study finds


Identity fraud is one of the biggest fears associated with data breaches involving personally identifiable information. No one wants someone to compromise their financial or credit accounts, or worse yet — have their identity successfully stolen. But according to a recently published survey, the number of such victims increased by 8 percent and reached 16.7 […]

NIST takes aim at blockchain security hype


Blockchain technology is all the rage right now. Largely because of the glitz of Bitcoin. While the concept of blockchain has been around since the early 1990s, it wasn’t until the advent of Bitcoin in 2009 that the idea of blockchains and distributed immutable ledgers grew popular as a concept for a group of people […]

Majority of employees in US unaware of GDPR mandates


Well, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news we covered last month, with our post covering a survey that found increased cybersecurity awareness among business leaders could be attributed to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Now for the bad news. With only a handful of months left before […]

How long is your window of vulnerability?


Enterprises are getting pummeled with security-related software patches. It seems every day there is a new bug discovered that sends teams scrambling to patch. It’s a wonder they manage to keep up with the continuous vulnerability delivery pipeline that the software industry inflicts on its users. According to the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities Exposures) database, there […]

Five technology and security books I’m reading to start the new year


Trying to keep up on the latest technology and security developments is never-ending. The number of articles, expert interviews, books, blogs, videos, presentations, podcasts, and documentaries we need to watch to keep up also seems endless. Still, there’s nothing like a good book for an expert deep dive on a topic, which is why I […]

Be aware: Connected toy security and privacy risks have arrived this holiday


Internet-connected toys are popular – and your children may have received some over the holidays, but are you aware of the security risks? We know that IoT devices are notoriously insecure. Too often they are difficult to update when security vulnerabilities are uncovered — if users are notified of updates at all. The problem with […]

Is GDPR fueling identity management investments?


It’s one of the oldest disciplines in cybersecurity, and to this day it still remains one of the most important. This is why it didn’t surprise me to see a recent analyst report estimating that the identity and access management market is expected to reach about $20 billion by 2023, up from $7.8 billion in […]

The state of healthcare security spending


This year has been a big year for healthcare security – and not all in a good way. Through September of this year, according to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) website, nearly 5 million healthcare records have been exposed so far this year. And that’s only counting […]

GDPR compliance not so costly for big firms


While the fines may be punitive and costly, the cost of becoming GDPR compliant may not be all that steep for large companies, at least according to a recent survey by the law firm Paul Hastings LLP. Paul Hastings surveyed 100 general counsels and chief security officers at the FTSE 350 and 100 general counsels […]