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Is investing in AI technology a bet against the odds?

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In my last post, I made a big distinction between investments in proven artificial intelligence solutions and investing in growing AI intelligence. While the first situation is relatively safe, the second is a huge risk. I am not saying that business should stop investing in better AI technology or that progress is hopeless. After all, […]

The challenge of scaling AI technology

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One key indicator of a safe investment is the need to scale. After a proof of concept has been established, the technology has been shown to function properly and customers demonstrate a clear interest, all that stands between the concept and profits is scale. For most technology investments, scaling is quite safe. Sure, there are […]

Should we be preparing for an AI bust?

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In my last blog, I talked about the danger of entering an AI winter, a period of time when disappointment in a lack of progress toward artificial intelligence leads to a reluctance to pursue new research in the area. This is a concern today because our community is repeating cycles of the past. We have […]

Are we heading toward an AI winter?

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Most people understand “strong AI” as a term interchangeable with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), or an artificial intelligence (AI) that has the ability level of an average human adult. The idea is that, one day, we will be able to build an AI that is as smart as we are, and that AGI will eventually […]

Enrolling in Artificial Intelligence Kindergarten

Building really intelligent machines, or so-called strong artificial intelligence (AI), is a daunting task for technology. I’ve worked on an approach that requires two technological novelties: One is a new way to organize knowledge; the other is a new way to acquire knowledge. Both heavily mimic biology. The resulting method is called AI-Kindergarten and allows for the […]