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Why a data career is a great choice

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It’s a great time to be a data professional. I’m amazed at the variety of specializations available, with titles like data scientist, data engineer, database administrator and data visualization engineer. But some might worry that a career in data would be too stressful or, worse, boring. Strata + Hadoop World is hosting a panel to talk about […]

Context turns big data into knowledge

It’s really hard to understate the importance of context— especially when it comes to data. Data is great, but it’s meaningless and even cumbersome without context. Put a sign up saying “Keep Out,” and most will ignore it. Put one up saying “Keep Out, Unexploded Bomb” and all but a foolish few will stay away. Data in […]

The digital fingerprint

There can be a dark side to tracking Web visitors, especially if user privacy isn’t properly respected. But the ability to correctly identify visitors can help uncover potential sources of fraud and improve cybersecurity. As a data scientist, I like the idea that machine learning may be able to help. When users visit a site, their Web browser shares information such […]

How to get a competitive advantage using data science

Data science already plays a significant role in specialized areas. Being able to predict machine failure is a big deal in transportation and manufacturing. Predicting user engagement is huge in advertising. And properly classifying potential voters can mean the difference between winning and losing an election. But the thing that excites me most is the […]

Why a Good Data Scientist Is Like a Flight Attendant

The hardest part of being a data scientist is trying to control the mania at the beginning of a project. Many of these projects start when a higher-up announces that we have an important business question and we need data to arrive at an answer. That proclamation is like yelling “fire” in a crowded movie […]

A Prototype Business Model Simulator

I’ve been researching business model simulation and wanted to share a beta version of the model for review and comment. I’ve published the model in the form of an interactive web application in the hopes that readers will open the app, play around with it, and provide me with feedback. The simulation was created by […]

4 Surprising Things About SMAC

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I recently wrote about how we used data science to structure the kickoff of TechAmerica’s research on the convergence of SMAC in the public sector. Since then I’ve collaborated with experts in 24 companies and engaged in open conversations about the entirely new world emerging at the nexus of social, mobile, analytics and cloud. The […]

Business Model Innovation Needs to Be More of a (Data) Science

There’s a problem with how we commonly approach business model innovation. We tend to treat it as though it were an art. We try to innovate with more creative ideation, stronger phase gates or smaller trial-and-error cycles — and it’s not working.