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When your cloud migration plans should move away from ‘lift and shift’

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The easy approach to transitioning applications to the cloud is the simple “lift and shift” method, in which existing applications are simply migrated, as is, to a cloud-based infrastructure. And in some cases, this is a practical first step in a cloud journey. But in many cases, the smarter approach is to re-write and re-envision […]

Cloud-automated IT solves the problems of the traditional IT model

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For small and medium-sized companies, the traditional IT model of an on-premises network built and operated with an in-house IT staff is often fraught with problems.  IT teams are stretched to capacity simply keeping the lights on and there are always going to be issues with systems performance, network reliability, end user productivity, data recovery, […]

Five reasons why every organization should conduct regular cybersecurity self-assessments

This blog was originally posted by Concerto Cloud Services. Since then, Concerto Cloud Services has become DXC Concerto, the mid-market cloud offering within DXC Technology. The past year was filled with news about cybersecurity, including phishing scams, ransomware and new attack methods. And this year, security experts again predict even bigger attacks and smarter hacks […]