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Customer expectations in the airline industry: Reasonable or unreasonable?


While chewing the fat on the future of passenger technology with one of my industry mentors and PSS gurus, the topic turned to the antiquated processes we still service and what future behaviour may look like. He offered me a quote by George Bernard Shaw: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable […]

How to realize the value of Hadoop


With every new technology, there comes a time when exploration and discovery are largely done, and the application must begin. Then comes the real test: can businesses or other institutions put the technology to work and gain value from it? Making that leap is, in part, a leap of faith. But it’s said faith makes […]

Cheat sheet: Best data ingestion tools for helping deliver analytic insights


Analytic insights have proven to be a strong driver of growth in business today, but the technologies and platforms used to develop these insights can be very complex and often require new skillsets. One of the initial steps in developing analytic insights is loading relevant data into your analytics platform. Many enterprises stand up an analytics […]

Managing the challenges of machine learning

The benefits of machine learning for businesses are immense. However, some organizations are feeling bogged down by it. Some don’t see enough benefit from machine learning while others are running into issues related to its development and deployment. To manage these adoption-related challenges, businesses need to keep some tricks up their sleeves. At DXC, we […]