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Have you gone MA&D?

Judging by the title of this article, you may wonder what this is. Welcome to the world of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures (MA&D). With the current low cost of capital, continued globalization and thriving technical innovation, MA&D have become strategic hotbeds for companies looking to become more competitive in the market and deliver value to […]

BPS: The time to start the conversation is now


A recent article on Forbes highlights the difficulties of funding multiyear digital journeys today. We see real-life examples with most of our customers and prospects: A retail conglomerate decides to divest some of its brands, and its multi-year investment in e-commerce immediately risks losing economies of scale A power utility opens green plants, and its […]

Labor Arbitrage 2.0: Is It Still About Process Improvement?

This week you’ll likely read at least one article on how the business process services (BPS) industry is undergoing substantial labor arbitrage through the deployment of robotic process automation (RPA) and other automation technologies. The undertone of these articles tends to tie the value of automation to reducing labor costs. Those who have a longer […]