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All aboard: Getting staff buy-in for ERP implementation


No matter how advanced and automated our technology becomes, it’s people that drive organisations forward and ultimately, determine long-term success. It’s for this reason that any major digital transformation project should place a high priority on end user adoption if it’s to have any chance of success. An ERP implementation should be viewed as a […]

B2Bs, is it time to fix that dated user experience?


Slowly but surely, B2B companies are beginning to understand they need to catch up with the way their customers are finding, researching and buying their products through digital platforms. They are now starting to realise they are being evaluated using the same criteria as B2C businesses. More and more, customers are placing a higher priority […]

Cloud ERP provides agility and makes financial sense


In today’s digital economy, IT leaders are constantly grappling with the need to match their infrastructure capacity with capital expenditures. Typically, capacity falls short and hinders their ability to take advantage of new opportunities, or too much capital is tied up in underutilised assets. Being able to scale up quickly allows an organisation to achieve […]