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Five top gripes about vendors from IT buyers

Never underestimate the desire of IT buyers to vent about how tech vendors sell to them. Having just organized three focus groups on the challenges of buying healthcare technology products, I came to learn what a cathartic experience it was for buyers to gather and share their experiences, both good and bad, with each other. […]

The case for security breach communications in healthcare


My research and writing embeds me in a world of frighteningly smart healthcare security professionals. At a recent HIMSS cybersecurity conference, I sat horrified to learn how complicated the challenges of protecting healthcare records really are. I also learned that even the most complex security firewalls like Blockchain are still untested over long periods of […]

Some random (yet compelling) sound bytes from healthcare pros


One of the occupational hazards of blogging is the need to confine one’s writing to a specific theme and come up with 500 pithy words to reinforce the premise. But we all have some weeks where there is a wide variety of unstructured insight from a variety of sources, but with little connective tissue other […]

How core competencies can kill innovation

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For decades, I’ve been held hostage in executive strategy meetings where senior management pounded away at “sticking to our core competencies” so as to avoid the risk of fragmentation. I understood the principle but, having a thriving-on-chaos personality, I was never really comfortable with it. Many senior managers are too rigid in their definition of […]

Using content-as-a-service for internal street cred


I know first-hand that many homes have a basket of dozens of socks that have no match. None of us know how this can possibly happen. It’s almost a statistical and physical impossibility that this variety of orphan socks can have no identifiable mate in the house. My experience with organizing enterprise content is much […]

Do your annual meetings have an afterlife ?

Meeting Idea Sharing

If you want to see a great feeding frenzy of Google image searches, look no further than the week before your upcoming national management meeting. Thousands of page views and “Save Image As” right clicks of charts and graphs supporting the commentary on heavily bulleted PowerPoint presentations. I’ve admittedly been guilty of this for years […]

Five trendy healthcare tech titles to watch


Is your CIO or CTO title enough to impress in the scorching hot healthcare technology industry ? Probably so, but the dynamic nature of the sector has spawned a totally new set of leadership titles that are more relevant to laser-focused industry subsets. I’m always suspicious of what the half-life is of these new titles […]

The device as the persona


There is arguably no greater growth than in the use of personal devices in healthcare. These range from the personal fitness devices on which the incessant 10,000 steps a day are counted on the wrist, to more sophisticated remote heart monitoring devices that can be hacked by cyber terrorists. Add to this the explosion of […]

The data was unclear until something occurred

Whenever a tragic event occurs, data wonks appear on the news shows to either confirm or second-guess the signs that certain aspects of the tragedies could have been predicted. In the case of last month’s attack in Barcelona, there was the “lost in translation” challenge when many of the local city authorities were interviewed about […]

The unintended effects of mobile apps


We wonder every day what we would do without certain mobile apps. Two that come up often are Google Maps and Waze (now owned by Google). Every day, drivers put their faith in these apps to provide the most direct, traffic-minimized route to their final destination. In many cases the routing is counterintuitive, but for […]