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Industry expert Frank Cutitta blogs on the organizational complexities of the convergence of IT, marketing and data science

Convergence is central to many 2018 tech trends

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The advantage to being a blogger with a “diverse” background is the ability to be somewhat schizophrenic in one’s writing.  As you may have sensed, my current professional career ranges from healthcare technology, enterprise IT, smart cites, global branding, international media, higher education, cross cultural business, and snowboard instruction. While many “predictions articles” focus on […]

How technology could help battle the loneliness that comes with aging


Recent studies show that loneliness, especially among the elderly, may be a bigger health risk than obesity or smoking. One journal reports a 26 percent increase in mortality as a result of being lonely in the United States. Much like the revelation that “sitting is the new smoking,” this is a shocking wake-up call. Another […]

The problem with clicks, keystrokes and screenviews in healthcare


When I recently conducted a focus group comprised of senior healthcare technology practitioners I must admit I was taken aback by what these graduates from prestigious medical and technology universities felt was one of their top concerns. Clicks ! Yes, Clicks ! As the videos of the session would confirm, I needed to ask the […]

Artificial (Emotional) Intelligence


There seems to be enough debate about artificial intelligence without adding emotional baggage to it.  But that’s what is happening in the AI community. Emotion has entered as the latest characteristic of what many previously consider a “Spock-like” technology — it could beat you at chess despite not being able to fall in love with […]

Decentralization is not the same as compartmentalization


I spent most of my career working in what I described as a “painfully decentralized company.” While many thought I was throwing shade at my previous chairman, I always regarded it as a compliment. There were times when I thought it was incredibly challenging to get things done across the enterprise, but for the most […]

Are conference calls a talent drain?


If only we could have the time back from all the “dead air” when someone was talking on mute! Not to mention getting time back from everyone saying, “Frank, Frank, you’re on mute.” I know the efficiencies offered by the technology and the massive savings on travel expenses compared to face-to-face meetings. But I constantly […]

Five top gripes about vendors from IT buyers

Never underestimate the desire of IT buyers to vent about how tech vendors sell to them. Having just organized three focus groups on the challenges of buying healthcare technology products, I came to learn what a cathartic experience it was for buyers to gather and share their experiences, both good and bad, with each other. […]

The case for security breach communications in healthcare


My research and writing embeds me in a world of frighteningly smart healthcare security professionals. At a recent HIMSS cybersecurity conference, I sat horrified to learn how complicated the challenges of protecting healthcare records really are. I also learned that even the most complex security firewalls like Blockchain are still untested over long periods of […]

Some random (yet compelling) sound bytes from healthcare pros


One of the occupational hazards of blogging is the need to confine one’s writing to a specific theme and come up with 500 pithy words to reinforce the premise. But we all have some weeks where there is a wide variety of unstructured insight from a variety of sources, but with little connective tissue other […]

How core competencies can kill innovation

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For decades, I’ve been held hostage in executive strategy meetings where senior management pounded away at “sticking to our core competencies” so as to avoid the risk of fragmentation. I understood the principle but, having a thriving-on-chaos personality, I was never really comfortable with it. Many senior managers are too rigid in their definition of […]