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The neuroscience of social media


In case you hadn’t heard, Kylie Jenner recently caused a $1.3 billion run on Snapchat valuation simply by tweeting that she may not be as prolific on the platform in the future. I’m clearly not in a demographic that would much care about her absence, but the investment gurus that track the social media demographics […]

How Venmo and other payment sharing apps change culture


If you ask a group of 20-somethings how to split a dinner tab, you’ll get a totally different answer than you would from their boomer parents. This became readily evident in a graduate class I teach on cross-cultural communications made up mostly of international students between 21-26 years old. Just three years ago when I […]

How technology helps us settle for less  


For years, an employer of mine permitted me to take an expensive well-branded limousine service to and from the airport. The cars were very nice but the price was ridiculous for the 18-mile drive. And then came Uber and Lyft. While many of the cars were nowhere near as glitzy at the coach service, there […]

“Voice first” as the new brand culture


There has been no greater sugar rush in business recently than the tsunami of voice-enabled devices appearing both at the consumer and B2B level. Those who bought in early thought the Alexa “skill” of requesting that top news stories be read to you was groundbreaking. Now, just a year later, we look back and are […]

The gamification of healthcare


This was a week where the potential of buying an Amazon book with Amazon voice enablement to read in the revolutionary new Amazon healthcare facility before buying Amazon prescriptions on the AWS cloud, and then getting dinner ingredients at Amazon Whole Foods became reality. As one who has had the opportunity to work with some […]

Why innovation loses steam


Innovation is exhausting. If it weren’t, innovation would be continuous and prolific across enterprises. But this is usually more the exception than the rule. Even when innovation is a part of the corporate culture, the ability to maintain the energy level for continuous creative disruption is a major challenge. It can be like waking up […]

Battling MEGO in corporate presentations


I wouldn’t doubt if one of the cave dwellers weighed in about the layout and fonts for the drawings in the Lascaux Caves more than 10,000 years ago. Times haven’t really changed, and technology has only magnified the problem. I think back to when I had my transparencies, or “foils,” printed for use on an […]

How rural health drives tech innovation


Given the density of city populations, one might think that it would be easier to attain quality healthcare in these areas, but most who study or practice urban healthcare know this is not the case. A wide variety of issues — including fewer physicians and nurses, lack of affordable care, transportation challenges, and high concentrations […]

Are you confusing infographics with data visualization?


Is there a difference between infographics and data visualization and, if so, what is it? This is the question I’ve been asking myself as I put pressure on graphics designers to convert complex data into attractive and meaningful visuals (for a project unrelated to DXC). Telling a story with no words isn’t as easy as […]

Convergence is central to many 2018 tech trends

buildings converge

The advantage to being a blogger with a “diverse” background is the ability to be somewhat schizophrenic in one’s writing.  As you may have sensed, my current professional career ranges from healthcare technology, enterprise IT, smart cites, global branding, international media, higher education, cross cultural business, and snowboard instruction. While many “predictions articles” focus on […]