George Mathew, M.D.

How rapid change is driving better healthcare

As the world reimagines the ways healthcare is delivered, supported and managed, these are the trends taking on a new sense of urgency: centering care around the patient, supporting healthcare workers and driving greater transparency across the ecosystem. In recent years, efforts to improve the patient experience and engage patients in their own care have been slowly building […]

The prescription for telemedicine success

By providing convenience and affordability, telemedicine is becoming an increasingly accepted platform among physicians and patients for moving beyond the walls of the doctor’s office to deliver improved health outcomes. In general, telemedicine can be defined as the remote delivery of healthcare using a mobile phone or tablet for internet access, in order to call […]

What’s happening to my data? Trust and patient loyalty

The relationship between healthcare provider and patient has been upended. Digitization and an increasingly engaged patient have created new expectations, and traditional providers have been caught short. While healthcare providers have been focused on outcomes, patients are demanding convenience. According to a 2019 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report, 80 percent of patients said they would switch providers […]