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10 books I’d recommend to my younger self

In H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”, the Time Traveler comes back from the future to take 3 books from a bookshelf in their study to return to the future. The reader (or viewer of the film) is left guessing which 3 books have been taken from the bookshelf and how they will shape the future. Thinking about […]

Safeguards and the move towards increased automation

There are many apps available to help us automate basic tasks on our mobiles and computing devices. When choosing these tools, we often read reviews and then download the app, set it up, then let it run its tasks accepting that it will carry out our requirements. But what happens when there is an issue? […]

Comfort Zone or Starting Zone? You decide.

Recently, I was asked to help a company improve its systems, its operations, its support and its troubleshooting. The request started as a need to improve performance and stability in some key systems — a perfect techie assignment for me. But, by the time the contract was signed, there were words like processes, procedures, and […]

The importance of ‘walking the talk’

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I have only just realised that I recently passed my 30-year anniversary of working in the IT industry, making me somewhat “mature” in this world… A lot has happened in those 30 years. Mainly, everything has gotten faster, smaller, cheaper (relatively). Or, as Daft Punk would have it, “harder, better, faster, stronger.” See, even us IT oldies can be […]

A primer on personal AI assistants

There have been many different attempts to create a J.A.R.V.I.S type of AI system to act as a personal assistant, able to interact with you and automate things.  (If you’re not sure what J.A.R.V.I.S is then you need to search on Marvels Iron Man and his AI Assistant). These have been from high profile people like Mark […]

Two areas the need closer consideration in enterprise cloud

There are many postings on the risks and challenges for Cloud migration. One recent article, posted by Glen Robinson (@GlenPRobinson) had an excellent summary of the key risks and challenges to a broader migration to the cloud. In his paper he cites security, resilience, reputation and regulatory as key considerations, followed by financial, licensing and […]

The letterbox problem with voicebox assistants

There are lots of voice activated tools and services now available from software on your PC and in your car to physical hardware you can place around your home. These devices and associated requests are becoming everyday occurrences, “Alexa, whats the weather” to“Siri, recipe for Chocolate Cake” (too many to list). The two main ways to […]

Scratch to Python: Taking your coding to the next level

Following on from my last blog post “How you can begin to Code“, by now you should be getting to grips with a good level of basic coding using games to help you. So where do you go from here? Most of the initial links I listed used a scratch type of game to help you learn, […]

Choosing wisely: STEM subjects

Its easy for the older generations to look at the subjects available at schools that relate to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and understand the value that they hold in the workplace today, however looking through the lens of young person choosing their options, it’s not so easy. How do I know? Well, I […]

The power of code: Building a robot

  I decided to have a go at building a robot for a STEM session last weekend, to show the power of code (see my last post about learning to code) and how it can be used to control something.  A moving robot is a great visualisation to demonstrate this. After some searching I settled on […]