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Why insurance board members play an important role in the digital journey

In “What Makes Digital Leaders,” a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by DXC, the insurance industry ranks in the middle in terms of digitalizing major business functions. The survey revealed the not-so-surprising fact that IT is still largely treated as operational rather than strategic by many executives. With that in mind, PwC and DXC decided […]

Extending the Scrum framework for better project management

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Scrum — a management framework that focuses on cutting through complexity to better meet business needs — maps out the elements required to run a successful project. However, many projects need to go beyond the typical Daily, Planning, Review and Retro meeting sessions used in the Scrum process to be truly successful. There are ways to enhance your Scrum framework, increase control […]

The 2017 insurance outlook

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In a Danish newspaper I recently read an article written by a 7th grade boy, Gustav Boenæs. Gustav would like an “online bike helmet.” He asks for “training to ensure that I do not become an Internet victim, and that I do not get behavioral problems on the Net.” The interesting thing is that Gustav […]

How to become a relationship-focused bank

Most of the Nordic universal banks seemingly seek guidance from a crystal ball in order to find their unique digital path. However, things are moving fast, and technology is driving big change. Banks need to speed up or risk losing market share to new entrants and digital players. Customers are looking for better banking experiences, 24/7. Most customers […]

Digging into data-empowered insurance

In November, CSC held its first conference with a dedicated agenda for the Nordic Insurance Industry. As an event that addressed “hot topics” within insurance and presented industry-relevant solutions, it was great to see how various insurance companies’ representatives, consultants and partners shared experiences and debated on the changes impacting the way they will operate […]

The dual challenge in going digital in insurance

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Paper has been making a long, slow exit from the insurance industry. Regulation has been a reason to maintain paper-based communication between the customer and the insurance company. Yet, as printed materials have been phased out, a greater share of products, services and processes have made the transition from manual to automated methods. A truly digital […]

3 key areas to mastering tomorrow’s customer needs

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Insurance customers of the past were passive buyers; today they’re active participants. They review insurance products and report experiences through their social networks. Their buying journey is their own, and they demand new levels of access, mobility and personalization. They want to engage on their terms and have low brand loyalty. It’s a buyers’ market. […]

An explainer on Microsoft Azure network configurations

This post is the last in a series of three blog entries about Microsoft public cloud and “fundamental” building blocks for IT infrastructure (you can find the first post here, and the second one here). The series covers storage platform, networking and compute aspects of the cloud platform. As with most other infrastructure components, network is one of the […]

Smart cities need smart citizens – and that starts with education

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As we start to catch glimpses of the city of tomorrow – one brought to life by the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile applications, ubiquitous connectivity and other digital technologies – it’s becoming clear that the citizens of tomorrow will also need to adapt. Smart cities need smart citizens to thrive – and in a […]

Moving from data capture to data analytics

The insurance industry has for years been collecting and using data to run a profitable business. However, the nature of data is changing with a growing range of data types and sources, coupled with the use of new advanced analytics. Data-founded product development The most significant shift is that data not only drives profitability on […]