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Why insurers must become more customer relevant

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Insurance companies has to a large degree left the customer contact with distribution partners like care dealers, bank assurance and brokers. Successfully, many insurers have executed a product strategy, where innovation happened from inside-out, and where managing risk was the clear purpose of the product development. The policy-centric point of view profited insurers for decades. […]

Spotlight on a smart city success: Vienna

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The city of Vienna is one of Europe’s historic treasures, playing important roles in such momentous times as the Roman Empire, the Napoleanic Wars, the Austrian Empire and beyond. History practically radiates from the amazing buildings, monuments and parks, places like the Hofburg imperial palace, Schwarzenberg Square, the Volksgarten and so many more. But this […]

Exploring Infrastructure as a Service offering for Azure virtual machines

This CSC blog post is the second of three entries about using Microsoft cloud for your IT infrastructure. (You can find the first one here.) This series covers storage platform, networking and compute aspects of the cloud platform. In this article we are talking about Azure Compute resources and, more specifically, about Infrastructure as a […]

How smart cities can engage citizens and bridge the Digital Divide

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Smart or not, cities have always relied on their people to drive change. Elected officials, after all, cannot act alone. They need an engaged, educated and supportive citizenry to bring new ideas to life. So when forward-looking Smart City officials implement new tools and technologies with the goal of easing everyday obstacles, solving the logistics […]

For smart cities, the future is now

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Long has civilization imagined and reimagined the city of the future. In 1900, French artist Jean Marc Cote produced a series of fascinating illustrations envisioning “France in the Year 2000,” a time, in his view, when machines would make daily tasks like cleaning, sewing and farming easier on the masses. At the 1939 World’s Fair […]

Extending your data center to cloud: The Microsoft hybrid approach

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This article will be the first of 3 entries on using Microsoft cloud for your IT infrastructure. The series will cover storage, network and compute aspects of cloud platform. So without further ado, let’s start with the first one. When we talk about cloud storage, obviously there are many choices. Different vendors, different products provided from different […]

Banking is changing: Winners, losers and the new ecosystem

Now it is happening – banking is changing. Much more interesting than change, per se, is improvement, and improvement is what we will get in banking of the future and the new ecosystem it will yield. I have written three posts about the back-end-tech, front-end-tech and strengths and weaknesses of current actors. Now we come to […]

Banking is changing: SWOT of new and old actors

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We sometimes hear people say that an “Apple Bank” or “Google Bank” could knock out traditional banks overnight. Is that really possible? I think a knockout is absolute nonsense, but those parties definitely have capabilities to win in the long run. Remember, banking is complicated. Through history, we have seen many examples of new actors entering new markets and […]

Exploring the changes in front-end tech for banking

To start, a short recap of this series and my last post: Four dimensions are relevant to understanding the ongoing changes in banking: 1) The change in back-end tech for banking (discussed in my earlier post). 2) The change in front-end tech for banking, bringing totally new capabilities to create higher customer value and new business models (today’s post). 3) Strengths and weaknesses […]

Now it’s happening – banking is changing!

Banking change

Banking is changing very fast – a very interesting development into something new. I will post four short posts about this change. The content is derived from many sources: my reading, own experience and insight into banking, reports and discussions with people in the middle of this change. If you are interested, please read, comment and share. […]