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Thoughts on content marketing in the technology industry


‘Top Trends’ is the top Town Hall

We’ve done a lot of CSC Town Halls since we started the program more than three years ago. Many of the Town Halls are intentionally geared toward smaller audiences, where we are reaching out directly and personally to a small subset of CSC’s client base. At the other end of the spectrum are the blockbusters. […]

IT Skills in Demand

One of the most popular CSC Town Halls we have ever had was on the topic of IT job skills. Perhaps more so than in any other industry, the skills that IT professionals need to be successful are always changing, always in need of updating to stay current with rapidly evolving technology. Or so one […]

Fairy tales from the future

Last year we published a video using the story of the Three Little Pigs as an analogy to enterprise mobility. It sounds a little wacky but the analogy works. We even have some snazzy animation in the video, included below. Nabil Fanaian, whom I’ve been begging to start a blog on this platform, looks incredibly lifelike. […]

Cloud scenarios detailed

This week we had a great video Town Hall where we had three of the top cloud companies anywhere – Amazon, VMware and CSC – take specific enterprise scenarios and detail the best approach to handling them in a cloud environment. The event was called “Matchmaking in the Cloud,” and it was actually based on […]