Leading the Digital Business

Going beyond the technology to discuss the social and organizational dynamics associated with the journey to the digital enterprise

Change: A challenge, an opportunity, a chance to thrive

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Change. There are libraries of books on the subject; consultants make billions helping companies cope with it – but we (collectively) still have a difficult time when someone moves our proverbial cheese. Change has been on my mind a lot lately and for good reason. Today, we launch a new $26 billion, 170,000-employee global company formed […]

5 habits for digital leaders to adopt in 2017

It’s common knowledge that by three weeks into the new year, most of us have already given up on those personal and professional resolutions we set in the countdown to 2017. Lose 10 pounds, exercise every day, expand your network, go for a big promotion – those sorts of goals are great to set, but […]

4 things digital leaders do to set themselves apart

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IT spending: It’s flat, it’s peaked, it’s growing only nominally. So go recent reports from a number of market research firms. But that’s not the experience of digital leaders — a distinct group of companies that have gone entirely digital across all major enterprise functions. On the contrary, digital leaders spend more money on IT […]

Will CIOs survive the IT evolution?

Last week I shared an interesting article on my LinkedIn page projecting how Chief Marketing Officers would own a greater share of the IT budget than Chief Information Officers in the near future. I was surprised by the discussion it provoked. Responses ranged from citing Nick Carr’s famous “IT Doesn’t Matter” article from a decade ago […]

Seeking digital success? Then change your thinking

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble with no connectivity to the outside world, you know it’s been a difficult year, for a lot of reasons. We’ve faced political uncertainty, unsettling world events and a business climate that requires companies to be on top of their game at all times to succeed. We’re finding that […]

Inside the minds of today’s digital leaders

Some businesses are more globally integrated, more effective at sharing information and more likely to report better financial performance than their competitors. They’re also entirely digital across all major functions. In a recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey of C-level executives and IT leaders around the world, these digital leaders stood out. The 7th annual survey report […]

Data’s role in the digital culture

A few months ago, when I first started thinking about topics to explore in this space, I asked a few colleagues to share the traits they thought contributed to a digital culture. Not surprisingly, they mentioned innovation, agility, entrepreneurship and some other big ideas I’ve written about in recent months. But one colleague gave me […]

Agility: What is it and how do we get it?

I’ve been thinking a lot on the term agility as our company prepares for and undergoes changes in our business environment. What does it mean, exactly, to be agile? And what can we learn from a buzzword so favored by business leaders today? I recently heard a colleague describe the act of leading as being […]

Why innovation matters (and how to inspire it)

When you think of innovation and innovators, what companies come to mind? Apple, Google, Tesla? It seems almost second nature to associate these creative pioneers with innovation. But the truth is, innovation goes beyond the latest and greatest tech to apply to any workplace and any industry today. Businesses across the board now realize the […]

How to prepare your business for a digital future

You know the ins and outs of cloud migration, the benefits of a software-defined network and the argument for modern platform design. You’re investing in big data analytics, defining mobile-first initiatives and reckoning with the ever-growing and changing demands of your clients in this ever-connecting world. In short, you’re mapping the way to your business’ […]