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Challenges and solutions for the digital transformation in the media industry


Data never sleeps – but that doesn’t mean it’s ready to play

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Late last year, a very cool infographic was circling social media showing the amount of data generated every minute of every day by Internet users. The “Data Never Sleeps 2.0” graphic, by data platform vendor Domo, pulled numbers from a variety of sources to put the “bigness” of big data in context. Here are some […]

Making collaboration quick and easy in media

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These past few months, I’ve been writing, thinking and talking a lot about the media industry and how organisations can find ways to lead and succeed in the digital age. I’ve posted about how automation can free up resources for innovation; how cloud can enhance productivity; and how new technologies like virtual reality are further […]

Co-creation: Perfecting the dance of media creators

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Media workers have long been collaborating across time and space. From towncriers spreading news through medieval towns to telegrams announcing everything from the Wright Brothers’ first flight to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we’ve found ways to share information across long distances. And digital technology makes the task easier than ever. While once media relied […]

5 digital media ideas worth keeping an eye on

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If I’ve learned anything from observing the media industry over recent years, it’s that ideas come and go – and fast. I’ve talked quite a bit about some of the big trends making waves in the industry today – programmatic advertising, social media, mobile initiatives, cloud and big data – but it’s important to keep […]

Less doing, more creating: How automation can drive media success

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Perhaps the lowliest job at American newspapers – the one nearly every cub reporter has done at some point – is writing obituaries. Using information provided by the funeral homes, reporters plug in names, dates and a few biographical details into a strict format. As newbies quickly learn, accuracy is key – you don’t want to […]

When it comes to consuming media, we’re all millennials

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As the first generation to grow up immersed in the digital world, millennials have been blamed for quite a few things – delaying adulthood, upending the workplace, even, allegedly, killing the cereal industry. (Sorry, Sugar Puffs.) And while they’re certainly guilty of bringing back ’90s fashion and communicating with parents solely via text messaging, there’s […]

Why you may want to rethink your Internet ad-blocker

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Let’s face it: Ads on the Internet are annoying. Interstitials – those full screen ads that require several seconds of attention before you can get where you really want to go – greet us at nearly every website these days. Then there’s the annoying square ads that cover the text you’re reading, until you locate […]

Tweet this! Social media and the future of media

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How did you get your news this morning? Chances are you skipped the morning broadcast by your local TV station, passed the newsstand without picking up a daily paper and tuned out the radio news on your commute to the office. Then, instead of tapping into those traditional news sources, you scrolled through your Twitter […]

Protecting media’s most valuable asset – content – in the cloud

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In 2015, Netflix moved 40,000 terabytes of video to Amazon Web Services, doing away with data centers completely. News Corps moved 85 percent of operations to the cloud. Conde Nast, publisher of U.S. magazines Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and others, decommissioned its data center and went all-in with the cloud, as well. Stories like […]

When programmatic becomes problematic for media companies

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If your media company is not using programmatic advertising – an automated, data-driven system for ad sales – now, you’re probably having very serious discussions about whether or not to do so soon. As a quick reminder, programmatic works as an automated marketplace for ad space on websites, social media platforms and within videos on […]